Dignity of love

Calvino arranged a fairy tale called ” the proud king”.

The old merchant’s daughter happened to see the portrait of the king. The king looks very beautiful, wearing seven layers of gauze all the year round, and his character is arrogant, who also don’t like it. The girl loved him very much and suffered from lovesickness. The old businessman presented the old queen with his daughter’s portrait and begged her to show it to the king.

The king didn’t want to see it. Hearing that the girl cried every day, he said to wipe her tears with seven handkerchiefs. Hearing that the girl was dying for him, the king took out a knife. ” Let her die,” he said.

The old father didn’t want to see his daughter so obsessed with the cold-blooded king, so he passed on the insult he had received in the palace to his daughter. The girl thought for a moment and said, ” I want a horse. I want to go into the world.”

With money and horses, the girl met all kinds of anecdotes along the way. She acted in a chivalrous manner, helped the needy and got a reward with her wisdom and courage. The last gift she received was a magic wand. The giver knew that she was still in love with the king and said that this magic wand could fulfill all her wishes.

She did not use magic to make the king fall in love with her.

She said, ” I will immediately build a palace as tall as the royal palace of the proud king.”

The next morning, the king was surprised to find a beautiful palace suddenly appeared next to his house, and a beautiful girl, the merchant’s daughter, stood by the window.

The king was moved, opened his first veil and said to the servant, ” Take my most beautiful bracelet to find this girl and propose to her for me.”

The girl saw it and said, ” Use it as a knocker on my door.”

The next day, the third day … until the sixth day, the king who had fallen in love with the girl opened his veil every day and entrusted the attendants to present the best treasure in the world to propose to her. The girl was unmoved and used every priceless treasure as an ordinary object. Even the queen’s crown became a support for the pot in the kitchen.

On the seventh day, the king looked at her in the window. He opened his last veil and showed his true face.

The merchant’s daughter said, ” I promise to marry you.”

The merchant’s daughter has her own dignity. She abandons all the treasures in the world like an old shoe and disdains to use magic to gain the love of her sweetheart. What she wants is respect-I am as tall as you, and none of us has a veil, so we meet as equals.

I love you, but I will never accept your insult or bribe. I love you and hope that one day you will also be obsessed with me.