Derogatory rose

  The late Taiwanese female writer Lin Haiyin has achieved great success in her creation. A very classic film in the mainland, “The Old City of the South”, was adapted from her novel of the same name, and she is also an excellent editor and publisher. She edited the “World Journal” in Peiping in her early years, and later went to Taiwan to edit “Mandarin Daily”, “United Daily News and Supplements”, and later edited “Wen Xing” and “Pure Literature Monthly” to host the Pure Literature Publishing House. As an editor and publisher, Lin Haiyin has a very good reputation. Her most striking character is derogatory.

  When editing “United Daily News and Supplements”, Lin Haiyin discovered an author named Zhong Lihe from the free manuscript. He felt that his writing was good and his thoughts were deep. He specially cultivated him, and most of Zhong Lihe’s works. They are all compiled by Lin Haiyin. Unexpectedly, Zhong Lihe died young because of illness. After learning the news, Lin Haiyin wrote the article “Mr. Zhong Li and Mr.” and published it in the next day’s newspaper. “United Daily News” is a newspaper with great influence. After the publication of Lin Haiyin’s article, readers continue to send essays and donations. Lin Haiyin’s sleepless nights for Zhong Li and his book, please design the cover and contact the printing. He borrowed money from the book and finally put the new book on the table at Zhongli and Bairi Festival, satisfying Zhong Li and his wish before his death. To commemorate Zhong Lihe, Lin Haiyin has established a “Zhongli and Memorial Hall” in the hometown of Zhong’s hometown. Write here, you must think that Lin Haiyin and Zhong Li and his friendship are shallow? Wrong, Zhong Lihe is just one of the authors of Lin Haiyin. They contacted through letters but never met.

  Zhang Changhua’s “Everything Elegance” has told such a story. The female writer Shen Ying’s life in his later years was very poor, and he relied on cooking and hunger. I can’t write it. She sent a letter to Lin Haiyin, asking Lin to give her the last essay collection. Lin Haiyin agreed quickly and painfully. But there is no manuscript in the hands of Shen Ying, and the articles are scattered in the old newspapers. Lin Haiyin is tireless, asks people to collect and organize, and writes letters to friends to collect letters and photos of Shen Ying’s early friends, and co-edited into “Spring Sounds”, which was printed before Shen Ying’s death.

  The so-called derogatory meaning is to spare no effort to help others. Derogatory needs a spirit of compassion. A person has only oneself in his heart. If he or a small family is too good, he will lie on the sofa and watch TV. This kind of person will not be derogatory. Only those who have the heart to remember the hardships of others, and hope that through their own efforts to make the people around them have a better life, will be able to observe the feelings of others, understand the desires of others, and will also help at the most critical time.

  Derogatory needs more attention. A person always thinks about returning good things, not a good thing, but a business. The true good will not consider whether this good thing is a loss or a profit. His eye-catching is just the meaning of the matter itself. Lin Haiyin helped Zhong Lihe and Shen Ying, from the perspective of time, energy and rewards, she is definitely a loss. The only thing she earned was her own peace of mind, but her own attachment to friendship.

  When others are proud, you send him a bunch of big roses, it does not mean how kind you are; when others encounter the blizzard, even if you only give someone a small rose, it is enough to comfort their lonely soul. . Derogatory is actually such a rose in the snow.