Deal with emotions another way

We are often affected by emotions. Some things make people excited, some things make people anxious, excessive emotions are bad for people, work, life, or even health. I was seriously ill a few years ago, and I have missed the opportunity for surgery. I was extremely depressed, and I couldn’t overstate anything that it collapsed. It seemed to be pressed in the ink pond, and the eyes were dark.

A good doctor not only heals the body, but also heals the mind. When I was in hospital, I took the copy of “Nalanxingde” with me at the beginning. It’s not a recuperation, it’s nothing more than a habit to bring books. I read ancient poems because it is short, so I can afford it and let it go. The doctor met and praised him in time. She believes that what book you read shows what mentality, and what mentality determines what effect. This effect of course refers to the therapeutic effect. There are a lot of people talking about mentality, but the first half of her sentence impressed me more. For a patient, the key is how to cultivate a good mentality. Later, I brought novels, one at a time, just as thick as I could read in a hospitalization. When the doctor rounds the ward, he always reads my book. The farther away from the illness, the better she says.

I need to find a fulcrum, divert my attention, and calm myself down. Now that the ink has been stained on the body, the only way is to add other things, add water, add detergent, to dilute, dilute, and even rinse. Everyone has their own points and different ways. Special thanks to friends. Some friends encouraged me to try writing, and some friends provided a platform. Literature is a good fulcrum. Reading and writing are the products of calm thinking after the mood calms down. When someone tells a story with ups and downs, the author must be calm, and this is what I want.

Using literature as a carrier, put the turbid disease into it, let it ferment and filter. Everything that has been fermented will become clear and quiet. It has gradually become an enlightenment on values ​​and methodology, and it has become a person’s way of life.

Literature is a very fringe utopia, but it can also deal with our emotions. As a result, the ink fades and disappears.

When I take literature as medicine, I must be worthy of literature.

In the process of writing, there are many things worthy of reflection. For example, whether there is over-interpretation or under-interpretation in literacy teaching in primary and secondary schools is another issue. My problem is that what I learned when I was a student, and the so-called writing skills I taught to my students after I became a teacher, I haven’t practiced it well, and now it is a make-up lesson. I need to go through it one by one and use other people’s ruler to deny myself over and over again. The process is painful, but it is also very joyful to gradually realize some small insights.

I write more and more of my own shortcomings, not less and less. The shortcomings are magnified under the keyboard, others can see through. Therefore, many times I dare not write again, let alone be read. This is not inferiority, but timidity. It is also to find an excuse for not writing well.

It’s a bit far. But this is exactly what I need, another emotion.