Dalam’s savings

  The singer from Indonesia talked about a story about his friend. This friend is called Durham. This person was the president of a big bank in his thirties. He is an ordinary junior compared to the senior financiers and bankers who are sixty or seventy years old. Although the bank he is in charge of is famous in the city, his superficial resume is still ridiculed by the financial giants, and the bank leaders are arguing that he is at the helm of the banking industry’s flagship.

  Sure enough, Dalam made a ridiculous decision at the beginning of his tenure. He asked his men to list all the newborns within 20 kilometers of the bank. The employees were uncomfortable with his actions, but they did. Three days later, all the newborns on the list received a letter from the bank, congratulations to them in this wonderful world at such a lucky moment, to this beautiful new district. From then on, these children will receive a letter from the Durham Bank at the appropriate time each year to remind them that their birthday is coming. When they reach the age at which they can read the story, Dalam’s bank will send them a storybook to tell the story about the benefits of saving.

If it is a little girl, she will receive a Barbie doll as a birthday present, followed by the full name of the Durham Bank. If it is a little boy, he will receive a baseball bat with the name of the bank. In the past few years, only this expenditure has been substantial, but the benefits are not obvious. Dalam also renovated the most important floor of the bank office building into a children’s playroom. There are carousels, slides, seesaws, bumper cars, sand piles, and a competent administrator to guide the children to have fun. Dalam has made the bank the most popular place for children. Many young mothers are looking for a bank store in Daram. Some mothers even leave their business here, and then go shopping or visiting with peace of mind. Friends. Dalam’s approach began to show some benefits, but the benefits were not large compared to the previous investment. Some people began to question Dalam’s ability and felt that a president who would only attract housewives would not do much.

  However, during the difficult economic times in Indonesia, a large number of industrial and commercial enterprises went bankrupt, banks’ operations were difficult, and some large banks declared bankruptcy. Dalam’s bank was bravely supported by absorbing large amounts of household deposits, when people discovered that personal savings turned out to be a huge gold mine! After the economic hardship period, the good reputation of Dalam’s bank has brought huge returns to customers, and Daram’s reputation has risen.

  Thirty years later, a financial turmoil sweeping across Asia once again pushed the banking industry to the cliff. Durham, who is already in his 60s, has once again been favored by God. Many of the children who played in his bank have become famous entrepreneurs, social elites, and have always maintained good cooperation with Durham. They have injected capital into the bank of Daram, making it once again dangerous. They said that they are only saving their childhood dreams. Dalam’s bank has their childhood golden dreams. They started to understand financial management from Durham’s storybook.

  Dalam’s savings in the past were finally rewarded.