Crowded the subway, your heart in the curse who?

This tram is the same every day, monotonous terrible.

At eight o’clock in the evening, this class from the center of Tokyo to the outskirts of private iron (referring to the JR Japan Railway Company outside the various private railway companies) Express quite crowded, although not to the state of the sardines, but also very difficult Spread out the newspaper. Today is not a holiday, most of the passengers are office workers.

Heyuan macro in front of the passengers just get off, so he grabbed the seat, really lucky. His destination is a research institute on the outskirts, far away.

Oh, that’s great. Carrying such a heavy thing on the station for dozens of minutes, it is too much.

He patted the briefcase on his lap and contained the samples that were to be sent to the institute today. In order to complete the sample, he boiled for several days, last night only nap for two hours.

Tired body with the tram light, feel very comfortable. It was not long before he fell asleep.

He was robbed of him. In front of just an empty seat, but was next to the office workers pre-empted, Okamoto Yixiong psychological very fast. Only made a moment to stay did not grab on, who can think of such a place where there will be a vacant space out? Having said that, this dutiful son really to Taitailielie to sit up, polite will die ah? What is the relationship between the young man standing there? Hateful, no space yet? Do not know is not a beer to drink more, head a little dizzy Said to eat self-help barbecue, eating and eating on the beer, think is not more on the operator. Call, where there is space ah? Okamoto Yixiong looked privately, by the way greatly hiccups.

Wada Hongmei hand clasped rings, looked up at the carriage hanging ads. It was listed yesterday, women’s weekly advertising, in fact, she is not interested in such ads, but standing on her right side of the 50-year-old man seems to have just eaten barbecue, each breath, rich garlic on the nose Come, smelly can not smell, not the first twist in the past simply can not stand. More terrible is that this person also continue to play burp! She has made up his mind, the car by the station on the move.

Sick of the old man! Hetian Hongmei overlooking the advertising slogan “vegetable weight-loss method, you are thin down!”, The psychological secretly curse standing around the man. Do not you have any common sense? Or do not know their own gas call how smelly? Just stupid not rule, and die!

Tram suddenly slow down, and Tian Hongmei a stagger, high heels stepped on the feet of garlic man. She is not intentional.

“Oh, sorry,” she apologized, “are you all right?”

“Oh, nothing.” Garlic man smiled and answered. Moment, mixed with garlic smell and smell the smell of wine and Tian Hongmei face.

Give me to hell! She roared in her heart.

“This tram is still very heavy it.” Garlic man said.

“And that is.” Hetian Hongmei efforts to pry a smile, pretend to be nothing to look again to the women’s weekly advertising, curse of the heart has long been endless.

The tram stops and the door opens. A few people get off and a few people get on the bus. There was an old lady in the passenger.

See the old lady on the train, high must be a husband could not help but raspberry.

He is sitting in love seat. The tram of love in this compartment at both ends of the carriage, the width can only accommodate six people. He hurried to observe the passengers on both sides, the left is a similar age and his office workers, and then in the past is a middle-aged women and her children, it seems that the mother and son just bought the goods back, the right is a young student sitting next to the students Old man.

well! High to be one mind to calm down. Which is the most of the seat that is the student, I can be free.

But the student seems to be thinking about comics. If he does not stand up, the old lady will probably turn the target to someone else. In case, the high must be a husband picked up his arm, began to pretend to take a nap.

Tian Meimei on the car will be forced to squeeze in front of the car. She is very clear that this time tram ride, instead of looking for empty seats, not as good as directly to the love seat came faster. Surrounded by her crowded people bored frowning, but she only invisible, walking from the past squeeze, and finally came to love before the seat.

There are six passengers sitting there, there is no vacancy.

How are these people so no common sense? All pretend not seem to see me. Love seat is obviously to the elderly to sit, what are the qualifications of young people to sit! Why does the state not bully such acts? Because nobody tube, I always stand very hard. Japan can have today’s development, not by our generation of people’s efforts, really good education nowadays young people, to the elders to double respect.

Tian Meimei swept the six people again, standing before the students. She wanted to stand in front of the front of the child, because the children are usually taught in school “to the elderly seat”, once the opportunity, usually very willing to put into action, the other side of the mother is also likely to call the child seat. Just to go to the front of the child, had to squeeze from the crowd, she was too lazy to bother. She has a little concern – it was a boy. Girls have a *** will take the initiative seat, the boy is often not so well-behaved clever. Take a closer look at the next mother, is also a slow look, may be too tired to shop, Tian Mei Mei quickly weigh these factors, and finally stood in front of the students.

But the students unexpectedly stubborn, still staring at comic magazine, there is no rise of the meaning. As long as he does not rise, they will not find the existence of the old lady, but would not think to let the seat.

Tian Meimei pretended to stagger a bit, the legs hit the students’ knees.

Come, look up! She was meditating in her heart. You look up, I immediately said: “ah, sorry, older and unstable.” Speaking of this copy, you can not let the seat, right?

But students do not move, do not see the slightest rise of the signs. Tian Meimei could not help but write skimmer.

you do this delibrately. Know the front standing in front of the elderly, but for fear of a rise had to let the seat, deliberately pretend to look at comics, really brazen! Tian Meimei waited for a student to curl the hair, the line of sight to the next passenger slightly sparse head. No way, for this bar

Through the old woman’s slight physical movement, high must be aware of her goal has been replaced by their own. He immediately clasped his arms and his eyes closed tightly. Before that, he had been squinting at the movement.

I will not let! High to be a husband in the heart whispered. Working for a whole day, I have been tired of the dead alive. Come up early in the morning and get up at a hundred times more crowded trams, and the company has taken off a layer of skin and has to sort out the report, report to the stubborn directors of the gang, and make the unhealthy Subordinate service, to discuss customer favor, even the president of the cup golf tournament should be responsible for the preparation. So busy, take the salary is very poor. Even the meager salary, but also by the East buckle deduction, the results can not afford the big house in the city, only in the country to settle down. And because living in the country, to work more tired people, the whole is a vicious circle. In short, it is strange to deduct too much tax, which is the most unacceptable pension, pay so much money, do not know the old collar after the collar is not received. I will pay the veteran in the end to spend any place to go? I am afraid that have entered this old woman’s pockets. According to this, my contribution to the elderly enough, since this, since I have paid so much, why now I have to let the seat can not? What love seat! What time does this work time to work? The elderly do not come out in the peak hours of the ride, to take trams, will not pick the day free time ah!

High must be deliberately issued a low snoring. At the same time, he was anger to the next side of the students. He found that this actually did not see comics, because never a page did not turn over. Obviously, he pretended to concentrate on comics, but in the escape of the old lady’s attack. Really a despicable guy!

As Tian Meimei and Gao Xunyi Fu see through, Maeda Ting men, although the knee comic magazine, in fact, did not see. He is not because it was found that the old lady standing around so play Do not look at his head down, the line of sight is aimed at diagonally opposite. Sitting there a young woman, it looks like white – collar workers, he guess should be a woman college or college students. But it is not important, he only staring at her lower body. The woman wearing a tight black mini skirt, but also Qiaoqi legs, making the already short skirt more on the shrink, thighs almost all exposed outside. Qian Tian Dian men staring at her overlapping parts of the legs.

Sitting in a seat really sat right. He secretly laughing. Do not know she will not change the legs Qiao ah? So maybe you can see it. Hey hey hey hey hey hey.

But his happiness did not last long. The new passengers just stood between him and the woman, the briefcase to mention the woman’s lower body.

Ah, damn, let’s go! Uncle, at least the official package moved a move!

The uncle should not hear his inner cry, but actually really moved the position. He can not help but like my heart. But this joy is fleeting. In the blink of an eye, the woman not only put down the legs, but also put the handbag on the knee, to prevent others from peeping skirt scenery. He could not help but tut a cry.

In the warehouse Yaxi Mei clenched his hand on the knee handle, staring at the left oblique front wearing a gray suit man. This person forty-six seven-year-old scene, looks like a company staff, is a share of an economic daily look at.

On his virtue, even in the first-class enterprises to work!

She had long found sitting in the right oblique front of the seat of the students pretended to see comic magazine, from time to time to steal a glance at his thighs. This kind of thing for her is commonplace, she always thought that if every time very mind, not as good as do not wear mini skirt. Her style bold, met this time but will deliberately change the legs of the posture, with great interest to observe each other excited eyes.

But the left oblique front of the man made her unbearable. This person has been doing things carefully to pretend to read the newspaper, eyes are charming fans down her face, chest, waist, legs all the way to steal down, and the line of sight passing the thigh, the movement speed slowed down significantly. That kind of eyes is completely regarded as her obscenity of the object, filled with this age group of men unique vicious.

Installed people like people, really a color old man! So want to see it, come to ask me ah! What “let me look at the skirt spring it!”, “Please let me see your underwear”, it touches say to listen to ah! Well, will give you see strange!

Aceh stood up, took the paper bag from the luggage rack and placed it on his knees.

With the corner of the eye light aimed at the young woman put the paper bag to the knee, Sato Min’s sudden gas does not fight to a place.

Why? How suddenly put a paper bag? Ah, but also stare at me. Which is the thing, I did not do anything. He beeps over the newspaper, but did not read the story. You look like this, do not like afraid of my peep skirt? Only then, only, there is no such thing. Well, I was a little curious, aiming at the two, but also so it is, it is also a common feeling ah! Where the man, that man, and this man, absolutely peeped. So many people, why only just stare at me? Beep … beep … … Well, you wear the skirt so short, others do not stare at see strange! No, it should be said that women wearing this skirt is simply exposed mad, anxious to others to peek. In this case, simply openly open it Well. That, as half of the exposed nothing to say what appetite, directly happy to separate the thighs, anyway, anyway, anyway, you are not the original goods it It should not be, virgin, long ago with all kinds of men engaged in it. Look at your body, that chest, that waist, that ass, certainly all day in the man heap fooling around Now the little girls are like this, casually just like a man to go to bed. hateful! When we are young so no good life, and now the kid really comfortable, so that the woman suddenly got the hand. hateful! hateful! I also want to have this opportunity, ah, really want to play the young body … … beep … … beep … …

This uncle is just sick of it! See next to the middle-aged people kept dropping economic daily, Yamamoto three boss impatient. Unemployed he went to bet on the bike race, the result lost a fine light. This time to see the company staff to read the economic daily, is tantamount to stimulating his nerves.

You this guy is clearly intentional, purely want to show off their own smart and capable white-collar workers, I see through a glance! In your biblical view, we are such a person is full of useless waste it!

Yamamoto Tea took out a newspaper from his pants pocket. It was before he took the tram, picked up from the trash to the Sports Daily. In order to irony next to the man, he deliberately also turned the newspaper beep, and then read the entertainment version of the news.

See the workers next to the Mo Yang opened the sports daily, Ge Xi Xingzi can not help but frowned. Men look at the layout of the girl’s color nude, as if it is an introduction to the pornographic industry news. Photo of the girl rubbing his chest, put the ecstasy of the expression.

Downstream embryo Ge Xi Xingzi away from the line of sight, stretched his face helped the glasses. Because the community too much condone on this man, women’s low will not be improved, the office of sexual harassment also did not reduce. To the end of the year, there will be co-customers sent to the nude photo calendar, but also still have stupid male colleagues to see the relish. The company to pay for the fool to pay a high salary, we are so angry to death. Obviously my ability to work much stronger than they, because I am a woman, treatment is far worse. Speaking, we have that day of the bourgeoisie and told me to marry today, bound to hint that I can not marry, and say “is not to thirty-six years old no longer aspire to get married ah.” This tone, too look down on people! Longing for marriage Really boring! Marriage will only affect the job.

Trams rely on the station, but also up a wave of passengers. See in front of their own standing this, Ge Xi Xing sub-Dayton feel frustrated. The passenger was wearing maternity dress.

How can there be pregnant women on the train? A little move the brain can not know how to squeeze this time? Do not you know that this will give you trouble? Oh I see. You stay at home every day leisurely leisurely when the housewife, so the lack of social common sense. Completely rely on men live, and finally will become like this. Hey, hate!

Ge Xi Xingzi stood up and showed a smile to the pregnant woman: “You sit here!”

“Oh, that’s how I’m so. I can not stand it.” Pregnant women shook hands.

“Do not be kind, I’ll get off soon.”

“This ah, really embarrassed.” Pregnant women nodded thanks, sat down.

Well, look at your expression, just like others to give you seat is right and proper, like pregnant pregnant more like a. Is it not the result of her husband’s romantic flow? Will pigs and dogs be pregnant? Ge Xi Xingzi to look away from pregnant women.

Nishida Chingmei know that the surrounding line of sight to their own are not from goodwill.

I can not do anything. She thought to myself. With pregnant still something to do, had to catch the tram in this time period. If it is possible, I do not want to bow to the outside, ah, just hard to die. Fortunately, some seats. Having said that, this is a matter of course. Pregnancy is a great thing, I am giving birth to a new life. This noble feeling, just the lady also felt it? Nishida Chingmei moved the buttocks. Can this bit a little squeeze ah, no one then stand up and let you? So that you can sit more comfortable. Oh, really wink, do not you see me crowded here? I can be pregnant with pregnant Oh, can not take care of it? Really, who would have said that?

And pregnant women, like the West, the A Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum is also the first to rush into the car, but now did not get the seat. She grabbed the rings and could not look around.