Conscience prescription

  After attending a family gathering of friends, I was fortunate to meet Mr. Wang, the dean of the famous private hospital in the area. He told me about his experience:

  I was 26 years old that year and was the first graduate student to go to that public hospital. The hospital has an internal regulation, and the doctor’s income is linked to his own business. As a result, many doctors do not care about the actual situation, so that patients do not have the necessary tests and examinations, and try to be more expensive when prescribing. I did this at first, and I didn’t feel anything wrong with it. Until one day, a peasant-like person walked into my clinic. After I diagnosed him, I was sure that he had only had intestinal parasitic diseases. After checking, I was about to open a single laboratory to let him go and take a stool, inadvertently looked up, surprised to find he was looking at me sheepishly, “Doctor, my illness serious? Put to how much money to spend?”

  I The hand of the test was involuntarily stopped. Seeing that I hesitated, his face suddenly became pale. “If I have more money, I will die. Last year, the child had uterine cancer. After more than a year of treatment, he finally left. The debt owed has not yet been paid off. No more because I can’t turn the two children into my life!” He groaned, tears slammed down the dry face.
  Facing the wrinkled face, I was ashamed. Since then, I have vowed not to open a “bubble prescription” anymore.
  But it was that decision that changed the fate of my life. Initially my income was not even a quarter of others. A year later, I gradually got a group of my own fixed patients. Many patients asked me to go directly to the hospital. For the first time in my life, I realized the taste of being respected. It is not what money can buy.

  But then, the dean looked for me several times and said that other doctors had reported that I had competed for their patients. I resigned in a hurry and opened a small clinic. There are many of my original patients who have been tempted to find me for doctors. The feeling of being trusted has inspired me to support the clinic in the most difficult time. Later, one of my patients invested in the first private hospital in the city at that time, and later developed into what it is today. Now, our hospital has to absorb a large number of new people every year. On the first day of their career, I will ask them a request: face the patient, please prescribe your conscience.
  The experience of President Wang reminds me of the founder of Siemens in Germany, Mr. Siemens, when he talked about his own history of entrepreneurship, he said: “In my life, the research I chose was always based on the public interest, but it was Finally, the biggest beneficiary is always myself…”