Compassion is a gift from heaven.

An old woman over 90, with neatly combed hair and clean clothes, stood outside the gate of pedder street Land Plaza, smiling and politely asking for money from pedestrians. This was a few years ago. Every time I see her, I give her 100 yuan. After giving it several times, she did not know what to do. She was probably driven away by the administrator of Landmark Square. If she is still alive, I can only bless her here and hope she can spend her remaining years happily.

I am not a generous person, but I think I should help, within my ability, and I have never hesitated. It costs hundreds of dollars to eat dinner outside, but it costs only 20 or 30 ears to eat at home. The enjoyment is almost the same. It is much better to help those who should be cared for with the rest. It is much quicker than eating an additional abalone. This feeling is nothing special, because I know many people feel the same way.

A few hundred dollars I gave to the old woman in Landmark Square is nothing, but I know that if she is ill and wants me to give her several thousand dollars, I will never disappoint her. For this old woman, I think she has lived for nearly a century and has self – esteem, but she still runs to the streets to beg for help, which should be her last resort. Although I am not young, I can still earn some money. If she has any reasonable needs, I should try to meet her.

As the old saying goes, ” there is nothing I can do to help.” I have said this myself several times. However, after thinking about it, I think this sentence is a bit inappropriate, because what I don’t want to help is usually not that I don’t have the ability to do it, but that I shouldn’t help. There are few examples like that old woman that can trigger my sympathy. So I thought, although I want to teach and make money, if others have difficulties and I sympathize with them and can help them effectively, then if I help them generously, my life will also get by. The problem is that there are too many pitiful and pitiful examples.

Let’s talk about California’s welfare system. The income of welfare workers there is much higher than that of recipients. Another example is the famine in a certain country, where children are starving to death, but according to a statistic, less than one tenth of the money donated by outsiders can fall into the mouths of starving children through the hands of officials. There are so many indifferent selfish people between loving and being loved that the loved one really feels helpless. We love, the officials or welfare workers in the middle love themselves more. Do we have to ” love” these people who profit from them? I oppose the welfare economy and advocate the abolition of all welfare programs, not because there is no compassion, but because there are too many organizations or governments that hang sheep heads and sell dog meat. However, apart from this kind of helplessness, we should love and help others, because there are few opportunities for ” help” worthy of our love but not exploited, so it is quite interesting for everyone to be heroes together and have fun. The original meaning of the Chinese proverb ” there is nothing you can do to help” is a misunderstanding that belittles us.

There are other examples where I do not ” help” because I have no love at all. How can I get my love when I am strong enough to work but beg? How can one love someone who rents another’s baby, smears chicken blood on his body, and cries loudly in the street holding the baby, pretending to be miserable? I promised that I would be angry if I had some money in hand, but when I had a few, I would run to the casino or racetrack. I was only joking.

Yes, I think compassion is a little gene that God has given human evolution. I have compassion for myself and think that love can help. To be honest, it is my selfish side, because I am very satisfied with myself when I help people I think I should help. Unfortunately, I have experienced many different lives and know what can be loved and what is a fraud, so I was generous at the moment, turned a blind eye to it at the moment and took it calmly.

My own children are not as clever as I am. They have the compassion gene I inherited, but they have no experience of mine. Every time I see beggars in the street, they do good deeds, as if my father didn’t have to work hard to earn his money. Last summer vacation, my son worked outside and earned 4,000 yuan, which he spent in a few weeks. When I asked him where the money he earned went, he said, ” I bought a racket, watched some movies, invited friends to eat something, and donated the rest on the street! ” This son is pitifully stupid. I will teach him carefully.

Compassion is a precious gift from God to mankind. Without the love of parents, brothers and sisters, friends and compassion, human beings would have perished. However, the God did not know it, so he foolishly created some people who saw profits but did not care about the actual situation. This is the scum of mankind and should be despised by people.