Chinese Tempers

When a friend returned from a visit to India, he said that he was most impressed by the Indian people’s exceptionally good temper. Take public transportation as an example, the car bumps and bumps can be seen everywhere, but hardly anyone can be seen to be flushed, not to mention fights. They walked away casually, as if to say: look at you, man, you scratched my car today, and I can’t say for sure that I will scratch someone else’s car tomorrow.

The feelings of friends are probably not aimless. By contrast, Chinese people seem to be getting worse and worse.

Video images of campus violence are constantly appearing on the Internet. You can’t imagine that such cruel acts are committed by minors and are cruel to their classmates. A word of disagreement in the restaurant quickly turned into a vicious fight, even inviting the black evil forces to kill. A college student occasionally heard that a teacher had had an emotional experience with his girlfriend many years ago and openly killed the teacher in class.

For a long time, it seems that the above-mentioned scenes are not enough to affect our numb nerves, but a murder case in Daxing, Beijing has caused a few minor ripples. The assailant killed his father, sister, wife and two sons one after another. He fled to Haikou and lived a life of luxury because he had no shortage of money.

I would like him to be proved to be a mental patient, but unfortunately he is not. He told the judge, in fact, it was only for family chores. Therefore, you will feel perplexed or even afraid. All the theories about human heart, human nature and human behavior will be invalidated in front of his actions.

This is only a single case. As scholars have pointed out, there is a kind of hostility in the current society and it is losing control and direction. Just as Kafka’s novel depicts, people wake up early in the morning and suddenly find that they have changed shape, not to become beetles, but to become explosive tubes, or to uncover the explosive tubes and throw them at innocent people at any time.

The Chinese are not always so bad-tempered. In the 1920s, the temper of the Chinese people was so good that even Russell, a great philosopher from the other side of the ocean, was moved. He said that he understood the charm of Chinese culture from the smile of Taishan porter, saw the temperament of the Chinese people, and thus reflected on the true meaning of life and happiness. Russell’s remarks were more or less flattering, but the gentlemanly and courteous manner of the traditional Chinese people did once strike a strong chord in the hearts of educated people across the ocean. Behind this demeanor is a set of philosophy and attitude of life nurtured by Zhou Kong’s education for thousands of years.

” Do not do to others what you do not want to do to yourself”, this sentence is called the moral golden rule by foreign ethicists. Confucianists have always emphasized self-cultivation, believing that ” from the emperor to Shu Ren, everything is based on self-cultivation”. Mr. Liang Shuming calls the spirit of attaching importance to self-cultivation ” studying hard toward the inside”, which is the core component of the spiritual software of Chinese civilization. Confucianism provides a spiritual home for the Chinese nation and also constructs the moral bottom line of the Chinese people, which is the main reason why the Chinese people can still maintain their basic personal integrity in the long-term historical turmoil. However, what will happen to those who accidentally lose their spiritual home?

In the face of many violent incidents, we can’t help wondering, where is the Chinese forgiveness? Speaking, this may be attributed to the so-called cultural revolution that has been going on for more than a hundred years, until the ” cultural revolution” that denied everything, knocked everything down and abolished everything, and simply cut off the lifeblood of traditional culture completely. Of course, traditional culture is not perfect, and revolution is not original sin. The problem is that these so-called revolutions have destroyed but not built, eventually hurting their vitality, destroying human relations and shaking the foundation. As a result, there is neither traditional culture nor western culture. Though a country be sundered, hills and rivers endure, culture is dead, conscience is dead, people are still alive, not like people.

There is a public case in Zen, saying that a monk asked a Zen master to feel at ease for him. Zen master asked, ” where is your heart?” The monk said, ” I have found my heart and cannot get it.” The Zen master said, ” I have already settled for you.” It seems that only knowing that one’s heart has been lost can others regain peace of mind for you.

The wind was blowing at the end of Qingping. The source of all kinds of abnormal conditions and atrocities in the society lies between the hearts and minds. In the early days of the anti-rightist movement, a big rightist who was first picked up predicted to his daughter with great anxiety: if this goes on, the world will be overwhelmed. History has taken more than half a century to interpret this sentence.

Recently, a large number of so-called abstract theories of human nature were put forward by the head of a research unit at the conference, describing the common human nature as a fabrication made by bourgeois theorists with ulterior motives, which makes people feel that time is wrong. Ok, you have approved the common humanity, and the humanity of the Chinese people is very few. however, I want to ask you a question: when will the temper of the Chinese people get better?