Cherish those who are willing to be angry for you.

Late at night, the girl next door knocked at the door, startled me and thought something big had happened. She opened the door and let her in. She was like a duckweed on the water, trembling and weeping silently.
I was frightened and asked her, “What’s wrong with you? Lovelorn? Being bullied? Have you quarreled with your parents? ” No matter how I ask, she is silent. However, I had to pour her a cup of hot tea, turn on the relaxing music, find another dress to put on her, and sit opposite her at the tea table by the window.
When you are sad, when you are angry, soothing music is undoubtedly the best analgesic and an effective placebo. The girl gradually stopped crying in the music. She looked up at me and said faintly, “I quarreled with my mother. Do you know how fierce she is? To lose one’s temper is like a lioness, one can swallow a person with one open mouth. I’m 18 years old and an adult. I know what I’m doing. I can control myself. Why doesn’t she let go? Don’t you want to keep me in charge until I get old? Are you tired or not? She is not tired, I am still tired! ”
The girl pursed her lips and looked childish, silly and cute.
I couldn’t help laughing and told her, “You’d better not take it out of context. What you said is only the result. You can say the cause again. Only when I know the reason, can I tell if your mother is a mad lioness, go ahead! Tell me why your mother lost her temper. ”
The girl stopped talking and said again and again. finally, she said: “in fact, it’s not a big deal either. after school, my classmates and I secretly ran out to watch titanic, fearing that she wouldn’t let me go, so we didn’t tell her and turned off our cell phone. I think it’s no big deal to go home after watching it. Who knows, after returning home, my mother was fidgeting, walking around with her cell phone, calling her classmates everywhere, seeing me coming back, she immediately pulled open the interrogation posture. You said, didn’t I just watch a movie? Aren’t you a little late for home? What’s the big deal? It’s not like she ran out with a boy or eloped with someone. Is she so angry? Two cups, a mobile phone and a bonsai on the windowsill were dropped. ”
I took a deep breath and said to her, “You don’t understand. She was angry and lost her temper because she was nervous about you and worried about you. Any mistake you make is a first-class event for her. It will make her feel that it is all her fault. When you become a mother, you will understand a mother’s heart.”
The girl shrugged and said, “I can understand, but I really can’t understand. It’s almost crazy. I’ve never seen such a big girl before. She’s really a little crazy.”
I smiled and said: “I guess, you must be a very good girl when you are so old, and you have no unusual behavior. watching a movie is really not a big deal, but you should remember to tell your mother later.
I handed her my cell phone: “give your mother a call!” Only when she knows where you are can she feel at ease! ”
The girl hesitated for a moment, but still took the phone and called her mother.
A mother is angry with her child because in her heart, the child is always the most important and always the leading role in her life. She always wants to know what her child is doing, whether it is warm or cold, safe or not, healthy or not, and her every move is more important than a mother’s life.
A wife is angry with her husband because she is in love. Because she loves deeply, she worries that smoking is harmful to her health, that drunk driving endangers her life, and that her love is shared by other women. She pricks up her body all the time to resist and prevent it.
A friend is angry and angry with another friend because he is willing to share with you. When you are happy, he will be happy with you. When you are unhappy, he will comfort you and share the troubles with you. Friends are the two most intimate words in the world. Friends are the most important wealth in one’s life.
People who will never get angry with you are strangers, of course. Because there is no intersection in life, whether you are happy or not, whether you are healthy or not, whether you are happy or not have nothing to do with others, so meeting is just a faint smile, beautiful, but it has nothing to do with changes in temperature. Who will get angry with a stranger? That’s not a worry! At that time, it is better to see the white clouds racing in the sky and see if the flowers in the park are blooming again.
The person who likes to get angry with you must be the one who cares most about you, the one who holds you most, and the one who loves you more than himself. Because losing one’s temper and getting angry is a physical job in itself, haven’t you heard? Sad heart, anger hurts liver, anger can cause brain cells to age faster, so when it’s none of your business, who will be angry?
Please cherish those people around you who are willing to lose their temper because it is really a very happy thing to have someone who loses his temper with you.