Chapter 9. Golden wings Dapeng birds

“I ~ ~ I have not dead?” Huang Xiao do not know when to wake up, but when he wake up and found himself falling into a pool, but fortunately this pool is not deep, or even if not wrestled Death must be drowned.

    After climbing the shore, Huang Xiao check their own situation and found his whole body is full of scars, but are some trauma, the problem is not great.

    “Zhang Ma?” Looking back, Huang Xiao saw the water floating in the pool of Zhang Ma, his face down on the surface, apparently dead.

    Huang Xiao recalled his own fall to the situation, that time he and Zhang Ma together fall into the cliff, but he was still tightly trapped Zhang Ma, perhaps lucky. When the fall of Zhang Ma in their own below, so the process of falling, suffered a lot of cliffs on the growth of the branches of trees, bushes block, and these impact by Zhang Ma bear, Huang Xiao is the most Got some abrasions.

    Finally, as these as a buffer, and then add the bottom of the pool at the end of the cliff, of course, the most important or Zhang Ma to their own when the back, so that they live down, and Zhang Ma has been dead.

    “Kacha ~ ~” Huang Xiao looked down, my heart suddenly emerge a trace of air-conditioning, because he found himself cut off a bone, it seems that people’s bones. Looked up, Huang Xiao found that cliff bottom messy scattered a lot of people’s bones. Huang Xiao also want to understand, these people are probably falling from the top down, and then died here.

    “There is a way to find a way out.” Huang Xiao heart illegal channels, although he did not believe what ghosts, but in such a place, the heart still feel uncomfortable.

    ‘Call ~ ~’ Suddenly, Huang Xiao heard the head whistling over the head, when he looked up, faintly saw a huge shadow passing.

    “What things?” Huang Xiao mind a tight, that things too fast, he did not see clearly, but he saw a little, that is, passing his head things are very large.

    “Is not it really a ghost?”

    While Huang Xiao mind some alarm when the time, that huge things uttered a loud and clear tweet.

    Huang Xiao did not wait back to God when the road that dark shadow suddenly fell from the air.

    Huang Xiao scared a few steps back, an inattentive by the back of a stone trip, they fell to the ground.

    “Good big ~ ~ ~” Huang Xiao looked at the golden giant bird standing in front of their own.

    Yes, this is a golden feathers wearing a huge eagle, the pair of dark red eyes are looking down on Huang Xiao.

    “What is this bird? Is it the book said the golden wings Dapeng birds?” Huang Xiao heart secretly guess Road.

    This golden wing puppet bird full of thirty feet tall, and it started even the wings even seven or eight feet, Huang Xiao in front of it is a small point.

    Huang Xiao did not dare to have the slightest action, looking at the giant paw bird that huge claws, especially above the coldness, he believed that if this Dapeng bird casually caught, he must be caught a thin rotten.

    Fortunately, when Huang Xiao do not know how to do when the golden wings Dapeng birds start the wings, fly away.

    Huang Xiao looked at it down from the bottom of the cliff at the bottom of a cave, until this Dapeng bird’s stature disappeared in the hole, Huang Xiao this relieved, stand up and sound.

    It seems that it has let go of their own, Huang Xiao heart said. However, anyway, they should still leave here as soon as possible for the better.

    “Good incense ah!” A gust of wind blowing, Huang Xiao nose a move, a fragrance drilled into his nose.

    He hurried to find the source of this fragrance, spent a lot of time, Huang Xiao finally in the height of several feet, that is, only in the golden wing of the pagoda cave not far from the discovery of a cliff from the cliff Grow the bushes. In the branches of this bushes hanging two yellow with red grapes laughing fruit.

    “It should be the aroma of these two fruits.” Huang Xiao did not find other sources of aroma, in addition to the front of these two fruits.

    “Although the stomach some hungry, but these two fruit grow so high for a long time do not say, even if it can be picked also filled with stomach.” Huang Xiao helplessly laughed, this fragrance Daoshi let him find some hungry The.

    “In the end what is the fruit? Have not seen before? Is the book recorded in the exotic flowers?” Huang Xiao heart illegal channels, he suddenly thought of the huge golden winged penguin birds. It should be said that such a large Dapeng birds, that is, the book only recorded. Exotic fruit next to the set of animal protection guard, presumably not wrong.

    Thought of this, Huang Xiao on the two fruit some heart, but he is also the heart to think about it. If their own really picking fruit in the past, if this is really Dapeng bird guard of the fruit, then I am afraid that only a dead end.

    “Heart Mo greedy, Mo greedy ~ ~” Huang Xiao told himself, and then just put the idea behind.

    Huang Xiao side looking for a cliff at the end of the road, while to see if there is nothing to fill his stomach.

    ‘Bang ~ ~’ suddenly Huang Xiao foot down a thing issued a loud noise.

    Huang Xiao Meng suddenly stopped, looked down and saw a lying at his feet a hare, but has fallen flesh and blood. It seems that this cliff is not only swallowed a lot of people, these mountain beasts are so

    “Just, rice, but there is a fall.” Although the front of the hare flesh and blood, but still can eat.

    Huang Xiao carrying ha ha walked down the pool, at least he wanted to wash the hare.

    ‘Oh ~’ Huang Xiao feet suddenly a pain, he quickly raised his feet looked and found his shoes were cut, the soles of the floor was also opened a hole, but fortunately this wound is not very deep.

    Huang Xiao squat looked under the ground, only to find a golden dagger, that most of the blade has been buried under the soil, revealing the ground is only a knife tip.

    Huang Xiao this dagger dug out from the earth, carefully looked at the hands of the golden dagger, this dagger should be here for some years, the knife body long some moss, but he can see that this dagger is completely no rust Traces, and do not want to build with iron. Looking at the gold seems to be gold to build, but when Huang Xiao tried it after the sharp and hardness, to determine is not gold to build.

    Huang Xiao just use a dagger on the edge of a rock gently plug, the blade easily into them, leaving only a knife handle out.

    “Cut God!” Huang Xiao pull out the dagger, the dagger in the knife to see the two small Zhuanwen, that is, ‘cut God’.

    “The original handle of the dagger called ‘cut God’, cut the gods so arrogant overbearing the name?” Huang Xiao chuckle a bit Road, but he believes that the handle is certainly not a dagger ordinary stuff.

    But now on the Huang Xiao speaking, this handle dagger is used to deal with the hands of the hare.

    No fire off the child, Huang Xing had to find a dead tree branches to take fire.

    Looking at the bonfire on the shiny rabbit meat, that the smell of the nose, Huang Xiao found his stomach more hungry. With a dagger to pick up the rabbit flesh and found that has been ripe inside, and then cut off a rabbit hind legs relish chew up.

    Not a while, the eradication of the hands of the hind legs, when Huang Xiao ready to cut another time, suddenly a burst of wind blowing, that golden wings Peng Peng suddenly appeared in the bonfire next to

    Huang Xiao did not have to react when it came, it will be on the bonfire on the rest of the rabbit swallowed down.

    Huang Xiao Pakistan blinked eyes Leng Leng looked at Dapeng birds, for this giant bird, he did not resist the mind.

    Dapeng bird after eating rabbit meat, it seems that aftertaste of some, and then bowed toward the Huang Xiao Xiao soon heard, and then returned to the top of the hole.

    Huang Xiao, of course, do not understand this Dapeng bird in the end want to express anything, but this is too late, Huang Xiao also ready to take a good night, tomorrow morning and then find a way out.