Change roles every second

I like to think of every flight as a probability event: is the person next to you a woman or a man? Is your plane late or on time? Is it raining or sunny when you get off the plane? For a long time, I have been fascinated by probability events with game nature.

One of the games I often play in front of the plane is, suppose I meet a man exactly like me on the plane, suppose I sit by the window, he sits on the road, and the middle is the kind of girl I like. So, how do you PK with the person who is very similar to you? How do you want to win the girl’s heart?

If you are a probability enthusiast, you will find out what is wrong with the game.

The total time is fixed, the time of a flight and the respective time distribution are of one type and the other type. The basic assumption of two similar people also abandons the difference in appearance and appearance. What would you do under such assumptions?

I once asked my friends around me this question. Some people say, direct confession, confession in ten languages; Some people said, ask her directly to contact information; Some people also said that they started to talk to her at the first sight, gushing and not giving their opponents a chance.

So, as the ” initiator” of this question, what is my answer?

Two moves. Use the congenital advantage to change seats with the girl, so the order becomes: she is by the window, I am in the middle, and the other I am in the aisle. In this way, the opponent has no time.

Secondly, I don’t say anything to the girl, but help her carry her luggage after getting off the plane. In the process, I asked her for contact information.

In doing so, it changed the situation and changed its role from a passenger who met by chance to a friendly and helpful gentleman. These two points are very important for enterprise competition. From active to passive, they are not necessarily limited to the time difference, but also reflected in the difference in positioning.

Then, we entered another game.

Suppose you are a blind masseur serving in a physiotherapy institution with a total of five people. When a guest arrives, he needs to choose one of the five of you to serve him. He couldn’t make up his mind when he asked you to introduce yourself. How will you attract his attention and let the guests choose you to serve him?

My friend’s answer is as follows:

” I will tell him about the stars I have served, so that he will feel more at ease and honored.”

” I will tell him that my family has serious parents and I need his sympathy.”

My answer is: ” listen carefully to his voice, judge where he comes from, greet him in his familiar hometown dialect, and say to him that your hometown must be a beautiful place. if you can, share it with me when I serve you.” This kind of mutual resonance of senses will eventually arouse people’s great sympathy.

In fact, the above two games are both saying the same thing: the change of roles often turns the inferior into the superior, while the ” surplus value” appears in the change of roles.

The residual value of a passenger is a friend who helps you with your luggage, while the residual value of a masseuse is a quiet listener. So, how can we survive in the competition of modern society? I have summed up a simple sentence: discover needs and deny all things that have formed a fixed cognition, linking unrelated things.

Give full play to your seemingly absurd ideas: for example, is it possible that apples are not eaten, but air fresheners or mosquito repellents? As another example, the key ring is not only a key ring, but also a tracker, which can be used by patients with Alzheimer’s disease and children under the age of 5. Another example is that TV is not TV, but a skin anti-aging physiotherapy instrument … Through bold assumptions, seek innovative wisdom.

Of course, once you master this innovative technique, you will become the creator of the surplus value of goods.

I know a taxi driver who is a creator of surplus value. First of all, he has a good personality, has regular customers, never lies down on the road, he will wake up the guests who have important meetings the next day on time, and even he will prepare breakfast for the guests (in order to let the guests sleep ten more minutes); He effectively recorded the information of each guest and became a ” social activity expert” to introduce friends that may be needed for different guests. He has integrated all the resources around him. Although he still rents every day, he already has two land reserves in Hainan.

Once people find their surplus value, wealth will come to you.