Building relationships with all life

  There is a tree by the river. For weeks, every sunrise, we will stare at it. As the sun rises slowly from the ground and slowly climbs over the treetops, the tree will become golden in a flash, and each leaf will be bright and full of vitality. Just in the gaze, you forget the passage of time and forget to figure out what tree it is. Because it doesn’t matter, it’s important to evoke a wonderful charm from its beautiful body, slowly swaying, covering the mountains and shrouded the river. When the sun rises again, the leaves will tremble slightly and dance. Every second, the tree shows a different style. Before sunrise, it was dull and quiet, standing far away, very reserved. As the light fades, the leaves are covered with brilliance and begin to dance. At this point, you will feel that it is so beautiful, and the feeling of approval is born. At noon, it has a thick shade of cool, you can sit down and avoid the sun, and with it, you will never feel lonely. Sitting there, you will feel the deep care of you and the freedom and serenity that only trees can understand.

  Near the evening, the setting sun in the west illuminates the western horizon with the afterglow, and the tree slowly blurs and blends into the darkness, and it gathers itself to prepare for the night. The sky reflected in the evening glow is full of glory, but the tree is still so quiet, reserved, and quietly ready to fall asleep.

  If you can build relationships with it, you will be able to get along with people. Then, you will take responsibility for the tree and you will be responsible for the tree of the whole world. However, if you can’t build a relationship with the living things in the world, then you may lose your relationships. We never seriously consider the quality of life of a tree. We never really touch it, feel its truth, feel its rough bark and its sound. What we want to feel is not the sound of the wind passing through the leaves, nor the sound of the morning breeze gently twirling the leaves, but the sound of the tree itself, the silence of its trunk and roots. To hear the sound of it, you must be very sensitive. It is not a noisy voice in the world, it is not a whisper of the wind, it is not the rough words used in people’s quarrels and the noise of war, but the voice that is an integral part of the entire universe.

  Oddly enough, we know very little about nature. For example, we don’t know insects, we don’t know frogs, and we call owls in the mountains. We never seem to feel all the other creatures on earth. If we connect with nature, we will not kill any animals in order to satisfy our appetite. We will never hurt to dismember a monkey, a dog and a guinea pig for personal gain. However, the cure of this mental illness in human beings is completely different from understanding the natural world. The lack of the mind will slowly be corrected, but in order to achieve this goal you must go close to nature, get close to the oranges on the orange tree, get close to the leaves of the grass that broke out from the concrete underground and the clouds over the mountains.

  This is by no means an excessively unpretentious, nor too romantic illusion, but a hope of building relationships with all things that have life and movement on Earth. Humans have slaughtered countless whales and continue to kill them. In fact, everything we get from slaughtering creatures can be obtained by other means. However, it is clear that humans have become addicted to killing, they slaughter flying deer, beautiful gazelle, and even huge elephants. What’s more, they also like to kill each other. In the entire history of human development, the mutual massacre between them has never stopped. If we can, and we must also establish a long-term, deep, and sincere relationship with the real trees, flowers, and even flying clouds in nature, then we will never use any excuse to slaughter humans. . War is an organized massacre, although we may oppose a specific war, including nuclear war, but we have never fundamentally opposed war. We have never said that slaughtering a person is the biggest sin in the world.