Bernanke’s socks

  Prior to being appointed as a Fed governor in 2002, Bernanke was primarily engaged in academic work. He worked at Princeton for 17 years. In June 2005, Bernanke became chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.

  Also in early 2005, Bernanke had a speech at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association, in which he mentioned his transformation from teaching to politics.

  He said that the unfavorable side of work now is to dress up to work, and to wear uncomfortable clothes to work just to show the public that you are a very serious and responsible official. He once suggested that Fed officials should wear Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts to show that they are responsible to the public. It seems that it is only a joke of scholars. Opened the dress, Bernanke’s face with a white beard and Greenspan’s face pleats is actually the Fed’s signature, or a clear signal to show — “This guy looks very steady.” If you grow A doll face like Mankiw (a professor at Harvard University) (Mankun himself said), the president will not appoint him as the chairman of the Federal Reserve.

  During his tenure as chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, Bernanke reported to President Bush in the White House. Bush noticed that he was wearing a black suit and wearing a pair of light brown socks. He couldn’t help but say, “Where are you buying these socks? They are very uncoordinated with your clothes.” Bernanke is honest and not humbled by scholars. Directly give him the top back: “I bought it at GAP (American clothing chain), 7 yuan and 3 pairs.” During the entire 45-minute report, the president mentioned his socks several times.

  Later, the entire economic team headed by Bernanke wore brown socks, and they even mobilized Vice President Cheney.

  So, when the economic team appeared together in the oval office, Bush found that the guys were wearing brown socks. This is obviously challenging yourself! Bush said coldly: “Ah! You are so interesting!” Then turned to Cheney. “Mr. Vice President, what do you think of these guys wearing brown socks?” Chenilho lifted his foot and motioned to wear it. Also brown socks.

  ”I am dizzy!…” I believe President Bush responded at that time.

  Scholars always have some personalities. As long as they don’t affect the overall situation, having personality is a good thing. In China, there are also many scholars who are in politics, but I don’t know who can wear “personalized” socks like Bernanke.

  In fact, the key to the problem is not whether the socks of these officials have personality, but whether their opinions and ideas are individual.