Before 30, do a few things to do love, less love a few people should not love


Stephen Chow said in an interview such a passage, if time can come again, then I would not be so busy. The host asked him, then you want to stay time why? Stephen Chow said, do what I like to do. Because in fact, carefully think back, I now have 50 years old, there may be a lot of things have not really done.
After a certain age, thinking about life seems no longer the patent of the elderly, my company had a 94 years before the young man, some time ago he suddenly sent me a micro letter, said he is now particularly anxious, asked me how to do The
I asked him what happened. He said, hi brother, you know? I will be a year to 25 years old, but I actually still in this damn company, holding a month 3000 dollars of wages, doing a casual intern can take over the work. My day, this is terrible, I can not imagine, if still go on like this, I am 30 years old, will be how kind of. I have a lot of dreams did not complete ah, I have not seen F1 race, not to experience the German beer, not enough money to buy a good car loaded force.
In fact, this is not an inspirational story, and many of his young people will complain about the work too busy, wages are too low, you want to go out to play, there is no time, want to save money, earn too little.
But these people do not realize that they made a fundamental mistake, you said you work too busy, no time to go out to see the world, it is because you leave the annual leave, sick leave, are used in the lazy word above yesterday Stay up all night, and tomorrow morning leave a vacation, yesterday and friends drink big, tomorrow and then please a day off, so how do you have time?
And money? We always complain that they earn too little, you can not get a trip to Shanghai to see the show car’s money, usually in the time when the girl, spent a thousand dollars to buy a bunch of flowers, you can not save a trip to the United States to see freedom Goddess of money, can spend thousands of drinks at the bar again and again.
Our biggest problem is to think too little, obviously have a dream, but always said he was young, to be timely music, the dream is to keep after the chase.
Waiting for you to the age of Stephen Chow, even if you are myth and then powerful, you still catch the dream? Not to mention you simply can not achieve the achievements of Stephen Chow.

Friends some time ago romance, late at night to call me, said she was very painful, obviously a boyfriend cheating, and after breaking up she was very sad, that life suddenly became nothing.
Friend said, I want to travel out to relax, to I have always wanted to go to Manchuria, I want to forget that slag man.
I said, that very good, go out, maybe there is a mystery, just can forget the love injury.

After a few minutes, friends and called, said she did not want to live, no boyfriend, even the money is not enough to buy back and forth in Manchuria tickets.
I ask my friends, what do you save?
Friends said that when the boyfriend and the time together, the cost is particularly large, are spent.
I said, in fact, I particularly do not want to sympathize with you, you said you stood a good youth, do not do what you want to do, do not you always want to go, have to go and you know you will not long Together, you know that he every day clubbing, WeChat there are a lot of ambiguous girl, you know that he often lie to you that no time to accompany you, but there is time and other girls to play the game chat. But you still because of his face, waste six months time, and save a year of money.
You have the money to the slag man charge charges charge game currency, you can not give yourself to buy some delicious drink it?
You have money to slag man also credit card to buy clothes pants for him, you can not add a new bag to yourself?
You have money to the slag man to club it, there is time and he opened the house flap, you can not take out the money and time to go to Manchuria?
You obviously have nothing, but it happens to be at the best of time, a waste of people in the least.

What is the most regretful thing? Nothing is the time to miss the young people should be cherished, had no money to make their own pension, and did not want to do their own things to do it again.

Dream of this kind of soil of the topic, in fact, I did not want to talk about, everyone can have a dream This is an indisputable fact, some people’s dreams are nonsense, such as a billionaire, such as wake up suddenly become particularly good-looking, And some people’s dream is actually very real, such as I recently wanted to see a Mayday concert, want to go to Shanghai to see a F1 game, want to learn painting good.
Many people say that after 90 is a rebellious generation, people let him do what he happens to do not do.
So we generation, stood a good object do not have to go to spend the world to see, fell in love with a few people should not love, lost a treasure of the people. Obviously have a lot of time to do what they want to do, but it happens that time and second excuse that he did not have time, no money, no power.
When we are because of romance, because no money, because older, and suddenly realized that these time, will find, I speak, my mother when he was young? No love to the people, did not earn money, did not pursue the dream, really fucking stupid.
The reason is that after the old man said, the lesson is to eat the loss of people say, sentiment is successful people say.
Our generation is a big problem is that do not hit the south wall never look back, hit the south wall does not hit the head of the blood does not throw in the towel.
Obviously understand the truth, read the book, learn the education is not less than others, can not only find the former slag, do not know to cherish the good people. Do not buy a house to buy a house oppression, do not know how wasteful money wasted. Less than 30 years old, do not know how good young
Zhuang said that between heaven and earth, if the white horse’s clearance, suddenly it.
In fact, the youth is really short, 80 has been on the age, 90 after not many years on the 30, and you do not think you say a few feel Meng Meng da da, he is a small fresh meat. Big Brother, when you claim to be your father, is my time, no one really put you as an old man.
Take advantage of the young, do a few things to do their love it, to jump to a pole, to the Arctic to see aurora, to Switzerland skiing, these are more than you talk about a few do not have the meaning of love to be much stronger.
The world is your own, the future is your own, you can choose to waste youth, you can also let the youth full of memories.