Are there supernatural powers in ancient megalithic sites?

  In ancient times, people believed that in some special places, the soul could get in touch with heaven or hell through certain rituals, or enter heaven or hell. Many ancient megalithic buildings belong to such special places, such as Stonehenge in Britain.
  So, do ancient megalithic sites really have mysterious powers? Can they really lead to heaven or hell?
Weird magnetic field at megalithic site

  To find out, scientists have studied some ancient megalithic sites and found some evidence.
  Stonehenge and Avebury Stone Circle on the Salisbury Plain in the United Kingdom are two adjacent ancient megalithic sites. The history of Stonehenge can be traced back to 4 thousand BC to 2 thousand BC, and Avebury The construction time of Lishiquan was hundreds of years earlier than Stonehenge. For a long time, this area has been considered a mysterious place. It is said that some people will have strange feelings when they come here. There are also rumors of mysterious crop circles, strange ghost legends and alien sightings.
  Researchers studied the two megalithic sites separately, and they found that the magnetic fields of these two sites are different from other places. The two sites are similar in structure, and both have a structure surrounded by huge rocks. Outside the stone circle is an annular trench, and the stone circle and the annular trench form concentric circles. When the researchers examined the magnetic field inside the stone circle, they found that the intensity of the magnetic field in the stone circle was stronger than that outside the annular groove. The entire stone circle was like an energy collector, gathering energy. Researchers believe that this may be related to the arrangement of the stones.
  In addition, some researchers have studied the Carnac Stone Forest in France. The Carnac Stone Forest is located on the Brittany Peninsula in France. There are about 80,000 large and small stones. These stones form stone formations, dolmens, rock tombs and so on. Some people believe that the stone pillars at this site are alive, because they feel very uncomfortable when they walk between them.
  Researchers believe that this should also be the magnetic field at work. They found that the ancient tombstones in the boulder forest are like coils or solenoids, which induce current in a certain range, thereby changing the strength of the surrounding magnetic field. In addition, the upright boulders up to 11 meters in the boulder forest are positively and negatively charged and charged and discharged according to a certain time rule.
  Why are the stones in the Karnak Stone Forest so different? The reason lies in their materials. These stones are all granite, the main component is quartz crystal, and quartz crystal has piezoelectricity. A substance with piezoelectricity generates an electric charge when it is squeezed or vibrated, and the amount of electric charge is proportional to the pressure. It happens that the Carnac Stone Forest is located on the most active seismic zone in France. The active plate movement in the seismic zone provides frequent vibration and compression, which makes these stones produce electromagnetic activity and makes the magnetic field of this site different from the surrounding environment.
Less mysterious reason

  So, how does the abnormal magnetic field affect people? What does it have to do with the strange feelings people experience at these sites?
  Dissolved iron flows in our blood, and the bone marrow also contains iron, and there is also a large amount of iron in the brain, which makes our body sensitive to changes in the magnetic field. When some brain regions in the brain are stimulated by magnetic fields, they even produce hallucinogenic substances, such as dimethyl tryptamine (DMT).
  If a person stays in an environment with an abnormal magnetic field for a long time, then the person’s brain and body will have some changes, such as a tranquil mood, a feeling of airiness, and even hallucinations. In ancient times, every tribe and every civilization had gods that they believed in, and they would build temples or sacrifice places for these gods, such as Stonehenge. Archaeologists believe that Stonehenge may be a temple built for the sun god. The materials used to build temples are usually huge stones. When people encounter some unanswerable things, they often seek answers from the god they believe in, which requires praying in the temple. But God does not immediately respond to prayers, so people may need to stay in the temple for a long time waiting for answers. Due to prolonged exposure to an environment with abnormal magnetic fields, people are prone to some psychedelic feelings. However, people’s knowledge at that time could not explain this phenomenon, so they believed that they really communicated with God.
  It seems that these ancient megalithic sites do not really have mysterious supernatural powers. However, the ancients seemed to have made elaborate designs when building these sites. So how did they know the mystery in the ancient barbaric period? This is still a mystery.