Animal tricks show

  Large turkey color
  when it comes to color, but do not just think of chameleon – Turkey is also a leader in this area Oh! Yes, it is the turkey that often appears on the dinner table in Western countries!
   When the turkey is excited, the blood on the body will rush to the head, and they will be like a drunk person, the head will turn red, and then it will further turn into blue, blue and purple. Great! This is also a secret weapon for male turkey courtship.
  Snails are “Sleeping Beauty”
   Snails are notoriously “chronic”. Not only do they move slowly, but they also wake up “restlessly”. In the hot summer, they hide in the hut on their back to escape the heat; when it is cold, they will go into their hut to keep warm.
   This alone cannot be regarded as a “sleeping expert”-if the snail feels that the temperature outside is not comfortable enough, it will continue to sleep, it is so capricious! Because they have the magical skill of “sleeping in the shell for three years without eating or drinking”! Yes, you read that right, for three years, isn’t this a real “Sleeping Beauty”!
  Bird resembles a caterpillar
   in front of “Caterpillar” Warning! Haha, are you shocked?
   We know that most of the young birds need the protection of their parents, but there is a bird that has a unique trick to protect itself from an early age-the young bird of the chestnut-winged umbrella bird will disguise itself as a poisonous caterpillar!
   When the chestnut-winged Umbrella bird was born, it was covered with orange hairs that looked like nails, and the tip of the hair was still black, which looked like a large caterpillar. This bright color is equivalent to telling the surrounding animals: I am poisonous, don’t mess with me! This young bird will even imitate the caterpillar’s constant twisting to deceive natural enemies. Have you been deceived?
  Swift fly non-stop all year round
   snail is a long sleep, Swift is often fly non-stop. Except for the breeding period, 12 months a year, Swift has 10 months to release itself in the air…
  Thirsty and want to drink water? Fly lower and get closer to the water, and you can drink directly as soon as you lower your head. Hungry and want to eat? Catch insects in the air and eat them directly. Don’t worry about Swift’s sleep, because they can sleep while flying without hitting other objects. Does this kind of flying skill convince you?
  There are three owl eyes
   owl good eyesight is well known, but the mystery of which you may not necessarily know – they have three eyelids for each eye!
   The upper eyelid of an owl is used for blinking and lowered when blinking; the lower eyelid is used for sleeping, and closed when you want to sleep; the middle eyelid is the most special. It is a line-like tissue called nictitating membrane. The eyeballs move up and down to clear up. When the owl is flying, this layer of eyelids can also protect the eyeballs and prevent damage to the eyeballs caused by wind and sand. The three layers of eyelids have a clear division of labor, which properly protects the owl’s eyes!
  Sea otters holding hands sleeping
   sea otters rarely foraging on land or ice, most of the time they stay in the water, even the production and nursery are also carried out in water, sleep is no exception.
   When night falls, except for a few sea otters who climb ashore and rest on the rocks, most sea otters will float on the sea, admire the quiet starry sky, and then fall asleep hand in hand.
   Don’t get me wrong, the hand-in-hand way of sleeping is not for fun, but to avoid being washed away by the waves while sleeping. Imagine the rough waves in the sea. If the big guys wake up without being connected together, they may lose contact with the little friends, and I don’t know where they drifted. Of course, you can also pull in a few seaweeds and fix yourself so as not to be swept away by wind and waves.