Angel’s note

  Elena Desairic, a young girl from Ohio, was unfortunately diagnosed with brain cancer before her 6th birthday. She died unfortunately after 9 months. However, after Elena’s death, her parents accidentally found small notes in the corner of their home. These small notes, without exception, are signed by Elena, or painted or written, beginning with “I LOVE YOU” (I love you). Where did these notes come from? Did the daughter who passed away write a letter from heaven?

  Countdown to the life of a 5-year-old girl

  She always smiles, the laughter is crisp and sweet, the big blue eyes of the lake seem to speak, like the shiny accessories, the favorite color painting is better than the sketch. In Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Elena lived the life that all 5-year-old girls should have.

  Elena’s mother is Brooke, an account manager at a securities firm, and Dad Case is a programming engineer at a software company. They have a pair of daughters with different personalities. The 5-year-old Elena is quiet and sensible. The 3-year-old daughter Grace is naughty and the family’s life is busy and happy.

  But happiness was broken when Elena was 5 years old – one morning in September 2006, Elena woke up, as usual, she exclaimed excitedly: “Mom, I am getting up!” Her little mouth seemed to be a small stone thrown into the sea, unable to make a sound. After getting out of bed, on the flat floor, Elena swayed like a toddler.

  This morning, Brooke brought Elena to the Cincinnati City Hospital. The doctor took the results of MRI and pathology and said with a serious face: “You are coming too late, the child has a malignant brain tumor.” The huge tumor, like a disgusting yo-yo, occupies the whole brain. /4, and close to Elena’s brain tissue. The doctor explained: “Because the tumor is in the brain stem wall, the operation is difficult to remove, and the postoperative medical expectation will not be too good… More optimistically, your daughter can accompany you for up to six months.”

  ”God, no! How is this? She is only 5 years old!” Brooke screamed sternly.

  That night, Case, who was on a business trip, rushed back to catch the plane. Elena was holding his neck innocently and asked: “Do we want to travel in the hospital?” Case said with her daughter gently: “Baby, you accidentally grew a naughty ball in your head, we I have to take it out…”

  ”Just like my mother last helped me pick out the rose thorns in my heart, it wouldn’t hurt to pick it out…” The child’s relaxed and innocent words made the couple more sad.

  One month later, after four brain surgery and one brain stem test, the attending doctor was helpless: “The surgery is powerless, according to the current situation. The child has a maximum of 135 days…”

  At that moment, Elena outside the window was dancing happily on the grass, and the pink bow fluttered in the wind.

  The tears of Case and Brooke finally surged like a flood of dykes – only 135 days, the time was so short, so short that they were too late to see Elena carrying a school bag and going to school with the children, wearing a lace bodice Dating with my boyfriend, it is even more impossible to see her like an ordinary girl, walking into the church with her beloved boyfriend… Case firmly grips his wife’s cold hand: “From today, 135 days, her every – Heaven is the last – heaven, we have no chance to love her again, cherish it!” From this day, they put everything down and decided to go with their daughters to face death.

  Every day is a miracle of love and life.

  However, the cut is late.

  Elena’s situation is far worse than they think, the tumor is mad, and Elena’s head is swollen like a basketball. The body gradually unable to support the head. One month before Christmas, her left leg was paralyzed, and then her right arm lost her ability to move. One morning, Brooke was surprised to find that when poor Elena pressed her lips against her cheek and tried to kiss her, she could no longer do the kisses and sounds. Her vision is blurred, her voice is completely lost, she can only lie on her bed every day.

  In those difficult pains, Elena was tired and weak. But the smile is still as warm as yesterday, as if I have never ignored the embarrassment of death.

  In Elena’s strong laughter, the couple slowly relaxed because of the painful and embarrassing heart – perhaps the length of life can not be controlled, but can leave a brilliant life footprint!

  The couple began to record the “Diary of the Angel’s Disease” for the daughter on the Internet, recording the life of Elena. In the opening of the diary, Case wrote: “When the doctor tells us that Elena has 135 days of life, every day reminds us how short life is. The only remorse is that our love is not Start early. And from today, what you are about to read is the courage of Elena in our eyes. We see that no matter how painful, she still smiles every day and still enjoys seeing little babies and rag dolls. Until today we discovered that she has always been our hero…”

  At the same time, Case and Brooke also began to reflect on their own personal pursuit, ignoring the family’s life: “Today, we took a family portrait on the lawn of the hospital – in the past 5 years, we have never photographed a family portrait, not without time, We always think that it will be good to shoot again next year – until now. We finally took this morning, but it was already five years late. We barely squeezed out the smile. Then we were surprised to find that Elena did not lose her. Infective smile and model-like gesture, Grace is still ‘sitting; the sharp buttocks’, but the two sisters who are shining and happy, let us burst into tears…”

  The couple, Tianyi, wrote “Angel’s Diseased Diary” on the Internet, without interruption. Unexpectedly, the diary quickly caused a sensation in the United States, and more than 12,000 netizens ate online about Elena’s current situation every day. Soon, the click-through rate has increased by hundreds. Snow flakes of letters and blessings flew to Elena. These cards were plastered with the door of the Elena ward and hung from the ceiling of her room, making Elena happy.

  Perhaps the blessing played a role. Two months after admission, after receiving the maximum dose of radiotherapy, the doctor was surprised to tell Brooke: Elena’s situation is far better than they expected, and the tumor has been controlled by drugs. You can temporarily leave the hospital and watch it change.

  The couple burst into tears. On the afternoon of January 23, 2007, after completing the last radiotherapy, Elena was discharged. After “regaining freedom”, Case and Brooke immediately decided to meet Elena’s wishes to a greater extent, and let her leave without regret. On the way home, Case eagerly asked her daughter: “Elena, tell Dad, what is your greatest wish?” Elena, who couldn’t speak, immediately excitedly used a brush to draw her wish list: Dad drives a car, wears a beautiful snow-white wedding dress like a mother, and has a 6-year-old party attended by a lot of people… After returning home, Case decided to complete her daughter’s first wish: drive, yes, drive, even though she Only 5 years old, and the right leg is weak.

  Case hugged Elena and he stepped on the gas pedal, and Elena took control of the steering wheel. Half an hour after picking it up, Case crossed the street-facing area, crossed the stone in the side of one or two sidewalks, deliberately walking between the tree and the tree. Elena kept screaming and screaming at her father’s sunglasses and laughing happily.

  On December 21st, Elena’s 6th birthday. On the day before her birthday, Case wrote her daughter’s wishes on the Internet. He and his wife placed flowers and full food at the table, waiting for the arrival of the guests. Brooke put on a pink wedding dress for Elena, and her hair was beautifully curled.

  When the sun goes down; the house and the garden are smeared by the setting sun – the golden door, the doorbell of the Case is ringing over and over again, family, friends, and strangers who have never seen before come to Elena to celebrate, there is near 80 people, Elena is ecstatic. She insisted on not using a wheelchair, walking on a cane, smiling at each guest, and hugging them.

  This evening, Brooke wrote: “At the moment, 6-year-old Elena fell asleep quietly, I sat next to her, staring at the darkness outside, fearing that time flies.”

  In the confrontation with the disease, the Desai Ridge couple finally found the dead line that the doctor had given – 135 days. They excitedly wrote, “The 135th day, this has exceeded the doctor’s expectations. Every day from now on is a gift, we have to work harder…”

  My love is always here

  Slowly, Elena got used to the way of life, and gradually got a habit: she asked her to give her a half-hour “diary time” every day. In this half hour, she always locked the door. No one can bother.

  The couple had the privilege to see, just the daughter’s diary: “I like to wear a skirt and a shiny hair band. My favorite season is summer, because I can go to the beach. After I am sick, I want to do the first. The thing is to swim with my sister in the sea…”

  The Desairic couple understood that Elena, who had lost half of her physical activity, could never swim. Due to the lack of balance, she needed the assistance of her father to complete the stairs. And Case will also “take the danger of taking people” – every time she walks 3 steps, Elena will have to kiss him, he will continue to go. Kissing is like the fuel that this desperate father lives on.

  However, how much love and sweetness can’t stop the path of the disease. In August 2007, BLOG, Elena’s pain recurred again. – In the night, she had a headache full of tumbling and incontinence. When the ambulance arrived, she was completely comatose… She was sent to the hospital with an oxygen tube.

  This time, the doctor was unable to return to heaven.

  On August 19, 2007, on a late autumn night, Elena’s slim body was like a yellow flower that quietly withered. After a terrible pain, Elena opened her eyes. She could see the big moon on the top of the church outside the window, but she was not willing to see her mother’s nervous and worried eyes. She gasped and said, “Mom, let me sleep for a while, just a little while…

  At this time, Desai Rickey’s diary in the Internet is still tens of thousands of hits per day. Everyone wants a miracle, and I don’t know that the young protagonist Elena has already left.

  Case and Brook couldn’t face Elena’s departure, and other relatives helped them with Elena’s funeral. In the excessive grief, the couple closed the window and stayed home all day. Elena’s door, they dare not take another step.

  On the morning of the third week, Case and Brooke finally entered the door of Elena because of the ashes. When Case was dusting his daughter’s bookshelf with sorrow, the sun suddenly solidified in the corner of the bookcase. “Dad, I am sorry, I am sick, and you have quit your job…” The back reads “I LOVE YOU”. Unexpected surprises caused Case’s heart to jump wildly: Isn’t this the handwriting of Elena? The couple don’t believe their eyes, they look around like treasure hunt. As a result, they quickly found countless small notes – a heart, a promise. Each one is a simple note beginning with “Mom, Dad, and Grace. I love you.” The back of each note is written with the words “I LOVEYOU”, which depicts a heart that expresses love, and each A note has been deliberately hidden. Some of them are hidden in the middle of books and books on the bookshelf, some are hidden in the corners of the drawers of the dressing table, and some are hidden between the plates and plates of the porcelain cabinets. Dad’s briefcase, mother’s jeans, sister’s little backpack… The note is written to the parents, written to the sister, written to the grandparents, and even written to the big-fed puppy, they found The note has been filled with 3 boxes.

  Skew strokes and disproportionate lines, it is obvious that the lovely daughter lost her vision day by day, her hands began to paralyze, and before the arrival of death, in the last 9 months of her life, she left her family with the last miss and Love.

  The little note, beyond the life and death, with this pile of notes, Brooke and Case burst into tears. Before Elena gave birth, everyone never told her the truth about cancer. However, these small notes showed that she had already known her destiny. She is sickly, she must quietly write these notes in the so-called half-hour “diary time”, and then try to hide them, just to give her parents a lost surprise after she leaves!

  This is a brave daughter who teaches people how to be strong and how to love. The couple were no longer sad. As the daughter’s notes were more and more discovered by them, they began to add some Elena’s notes to the diary and published a book called

  The book of “The Dog’s Note.” At the beginning of 2009, the famous Harper, Collins Press bought the copyright and officially published the proceeds from the sale of the book to the CSN Children’s Brain Cancer Treatment Foundation, which was established by Elena’s family to commemorate the little angel. To help children who are also suffering from cancer.

  ”Angel’s note” caused a sensation in the United States, and more than 10,000 netizens replied on Brooke’s website every day. Netizen said: “Although I know that it is a fight, I won’t win, but Elena is still smiling. And her smile warms everyone’s heart…” American ABC TV “Good Morning America” The report said: “A thing that a 6-year-old can teach us is really amazing. Her life is obviously too short, but what she left behind, so that everyone can understand life and family.” On June 1, 2009, the city of Cincinnati was named to commemorate her “Elena Desai Ritchie Day”. Her painting “I LOVE YOU” has been hanged in the works of Picasso in the Cincinnati Museum in the United States. next to.

  The life of the flesh will eventually disappear, and love is a gift that is eternal, and it can pass through all the darkness and pain, even the distance between life and death.