Ancient fairy tale

  Science Fiction Classic Tao Te Ching

  Laozi once wrote a paragraph for the Internet two thousand years ago: “Do not leave the house, know the world. Do not glimpse, see the heavens. Its out of Miyuan, its knowledge is less.” Do not know how to do everything in the world. Do not look out the window (without the window) to understand the laws of nature. The farther away you travel, the less you know, the more stupid you are. In a sense, Lao Tzu is a master of science fiction, and Tao Te Ching is a science fiction classic two thousand years ago.


  Laozi is indeed a sage. Not only did he foresee the emergence of the Internet, but he also foresees the emergence of exam-oriented education and issued a cry of “nothing to learn.” I understand this as “self-study and worry-free”. Self-study is a beast foraging, what to eat if you like to eat. Studying at school is a domestic pet. If the owner gives you something to eat, you have to eat something. All students have the same knowledge structure. They know everything they know. They don’t know what they know. One of the charms of learning is that they don’t know. knowledge!

  Dreaming of Confucius

  Last night, I did not know how to suddenly dream of Confucius. He told me that his “learning from time to time, not to mention” was given to the students before the exam. “There are friends who come from afar, and they are not happy.” It is written for couples who are separated from each other by a small marriage. “People don’t know what to do, not a gentleman” is a star that is being discussed by the public.

  Bodyguard road

  Confucius disciples are three thousand, and 72 people are worthy of their names. This Zhongzi Road is only 9 years younger than Mr. Kong, with a bad temper and martial arts. When he saw Confucius for the first time, he would flatten him. Confucius said that wearing a broken dress and wearing brand-name clothes stood up without being ashamed, and that was the way. Later, Zilu was influenced by Confucius and became a disciple and bodyguard. Confucius said, Zi owned by my side, no longer dares to say bad things about me – and one that Zi to beat him.

  Authentic fans

  Confucius is now widely sought after, but Confucius has no real fans, but it is not easy to assert. Confucius said: “Disciples, enter the filial piety, and then swear, believe and believe, pan-love the public, and kiss the dear. If you have more power, then learn the text.” Children first filial parents, then respect the elder brother, then talk about integrity, fraternity . Finish all of the above, and if there is still the remaining strength, learn cultural knowledge. Most of the children today are the other way around: learning knowledge is the most important thing. After the test, there is no credit and integrity.

  Domestic Travel

  From the age of 55, Confucius became obsessed with traveling abroad. He traveled around the country for 14 years and was never tired. He was repeatedly besieged or expelled. Fortunately, there is no visa system, all of which are from the Schengen countries. Otherwise, Confucius will be charged with the crime of illegal immigration. Because he carries his disciples, he will “enjoy” the “famous reputation” of the snake head. At that time, going abroad was equivalent to the current domestic tour. After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, Natasha, the little girl in Moscow, said: “Overnight, my aunt became a foreigner.”

  Su Qin fishing

  During the Soviet Union and the Qin Dynasty, the knives were not controlled. Su Qin was stabbed in the knife and the murderer escaped. Before he died, Su Qin aligned with the king and said: “Please ask the head to cut my head and hang it, and send a document saying that I am treason. The person who killed me is considered to be brave. I was selected as a candidate for ‘touching the country’. When he came to collect the money, he seized it. He.” Qi Wang took Na Qin’s head fishing. Hook on the murderer. Extreme punishment. Qi Wang is Su Qinping, connecting the corpse and thick burial. Donated the body to avenge the case, Su Qin is the first person in China.

  Zhao Guiqin

  Why is Qin unified China? In fact, the return of Zhao to Zhao has revealed. Although Qin Wang did not have a rare jade, it shows that he has a shameful heart. If he wants to get the jade that he has already got, it is absolutely easy. The things that I like have already arrived in the palace, and I can give up for the sake of honesty and wisdom. This shows that Qin Wang has the virtue of unifying China. For a piece of jade to bring risks to the country, it is worth reflecting. The result of the return to Zhao is to return to Zhao Qin.

  Scared to death by the shackles

  I have always felt that Qi Yuhou was scared to death by Bian. With the high education of Bianque at the time, Qi Yuhou knew that Bianque was a doctor. Qi Qihou was first diagnosed in the skin by Bian, and then he was said to have entered the bloodstream, went to the stomach, and then into the bone marrow. Gradually scary is more noticeable than stunned. The healthy Qi Yuhou was gradually scared to death by Bian’s self-suggestion. The teacher said today that the students can’t, and will continue to say tomorrow. As a result, the students became Qi Yuhou, and self-confidence ended without a disease.

  Moving stairs

  Liu Qi suspected that his stepmother wanted to harm him and asked Zhuge Liang to count. Zhuge Liang did not support other people’s family affairs. Liu Qi put Zhuge Liang on his own upstairs and evacuated the stairs. Zhuge Liang had no way to go, he had to offer advice and suggestions. With Zhuge Liang’s high IQ of ugly wife, it is impossible to find that the stairs are movable when going upstairs. The reason why he is stupid is to play for the boss Liu Bei without leaving a name. Some price hearings are to Zhuge Liang.


  There is no text in China. Huang Di did a good job during his tenure. He wanted his descendants to know his great achievements. He ordered the subordinates to record the performance of the Yellow Emperor in the U disk. Cangjie did not know what record to use, inadvertently saw the footprints of birds and beasts, so he copied the bird and beast footprint and invented the text.