Acupuncture’s “seven parties and ten doses”, how much do you know?

Have you ever thought about why the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” only talks about acupuncture alone, not soup? It can be seen that acupuncture can cure most diseases at that time, instead of taking medicine as it is now. Of course, the level of acupuncture at that time must be higher than it is now.

The magic of acupuncture will not be forgotten as time goes by. China has acupuncture philosophical foundation and a set of syndrome differentiation treatment methods thousands of years ago. As a Chinese doctor, it should be carried forward!

Learn 4 points to guide the depth of acupuncture

In the tendons, in the bones

“Nei Jing” said: “In the tendons to keep the tendons, the bones in the bones.”

We give further extensions to “skin in the skin, in the veins, in the meat, and so on.”

The ancients were wise, and they understood this truth very early, but unfortunately we rarely pay attention to it now. In order to verify the thoughts of the ancients, I have done a lot of experiments in the clinic.

For example, patients with herpes zoster are treated with shallow thorns, medium thorns and deep thorns, and the effects vary greatly. When the patient is shallow, the patient can basically achieve the effect at that time, the pain relief effect is good, and the treatment course is short.

The effect of deep pricking is significantly worse than that of shallow pricking, and the treatment time is significantly prolonged. For the spurs of the bones and diseases, there is almost no effect.

The disease is floating and the thorns are shallow

“Nei Jing” said: The disease is floating. The thorn has a depth. Everything is right. Nothing wrong. Spring and summer are yang. Its gas is outside. Popularity also floats.

Where the assassin. Therefore, take it lightly. Autumn and winter are overcast. Its qi. Popularity is dirty. Where the assassin. Therefore, take it deep. Also said. Spring and summer are all yin. Autumn and winter are all one-yang.

It is said that spring and summer are yang. It is said that Yin is raised. Therefore, the thorns are all yin. Autumn and winter are overcast. It is said that Yang has raised the thorns of the thorns. Spring and summer will cause a yin.

It is said that the needle is deeply punctured to the kidney and liver. Get its gas needle out. It is also the Yin of the introduction. Autumn and winter cold will lead to a yang. It is said that the needle is shallowly punctured to the heart and lungs.

Get it out of the air for a long time. It is the yang of the push. Therefore, I ask you. Yangyang in spring and summer. Autumn and winter nourish Yin. This point can be summarized into one sentence: “Spring and summer thorns shallow autumn and winter thorn deep method.”

The thorn should be deep and the thorns should be close

“The thorns should be deep, and the thorns should be close to the shallow ones.” The meaning of this statement is that the needle and the disease should be separated from each other by a deep thorn, and the needle and the disease should be close to each other.

For example, Zusanli acupuncture can treat arthritis, because the Zusanli and knee joints are close, so the acupuncture should be shallow. If the acupuncture is enough to treat the stomach, it will be deeply stabbed because the stomach is far from the foot.

Sickness should be shallow, and the disease should be deep

“The disease is light and should be pungent, and the disease should be thorny.” The ancients have already discussed this point, but we have not paid attention to it.

For example, the “Difficult” is difficult to say seventy-one: the thorns are not hurt, and the thorns are not wounded. What is it? The needle is yang, the needle is stabbed; the yin yin, first shot with the left hand according to the needle of the glory, the gas is the inner needle. It is said that the thorns are not hurt, and the thorns are not wounded.

Sliding 曰: Rong is Yin, Wei is Yang. In the glory of the line, outside the line of the Guardian, each has a shallow depth. The same is true for the needle. The needle will be placed in the needle and stabbed, and the yang will be frivolous. For the yin yin, first press the punctured hole with your left hand. For a long time, the qi is scattered inside the needle, otherwise it will hurt the qi. No sputum, no thorns.

The above thoughts can be understood in this way: we must be shallow when the disease is in the yang. When the disease is in the yang, the deep thorns will not help the divergence of the evil spirits or even the evil spirits. We must be deeply stabbed in the disease, and the disease can not lead to evil.

Acupuncture therapy “seven parties and ten doses

First, generous
The generous condition is that there are many acupuncture points, and the needle is thick and the technique is heavy. Generous indications are: cerebral hemorrhage, rheumatoid arthritis, sequelae of anterior horny gray matter of the spinal cord (this disease is more invasive to children, with needles should be fine, with the thorns, the penetration is also shallow, called the pediatric needle method. Into the generous, because of a lot of points, sometimes as many as twenty or thirty points) and so on.

Second, the small party

The condition of the small square is that the acupoints are small, the needles are thin, and the technique is light. Mostly used for patients with new diseases, mild illnesses, and weak bodies.

Third, the slow side

The conditions for the slow side are: less acupoints, short needle retention time, and long interval. Used in many chronic and mild conditions such as neurasthenia, habitual constipation, etc.

Fourth, urgent

The conditions of the emergency are: the acupoints are obviously easy to find, the operation is simple and rapid, and the effect is immediately effective after acupuncture. Acupoints are not limited, and can be used at any time and anywhere. For example, motion sickness, seasickness, acute gastroenteritis, seizures, convulsions in children, heavier stun needles, etc.

Five, odd party

The condition of the odd side is: take only one hole, and stop the disease. For example, a toothache needle hurricane, epilepsy take too rush, dizziness thorns Baihui and so on. In addition, where only one point is taken, it is used repeatedly, and the degree of illness is also called Qifang. For example, because of anger and insomnia, repeated stabs; indigestion, often in the middle of the needle; low back pain with Shenshu or moderate.

Six, even

The conditions of the couple are: the same name points are taken on both sides, and the number of acupuncture points is equal. It is used for systemic diseases to balance the left and right meridians. For example, Siguan, Cuhe, and Taichong are used together, or they must be the same on both sides, or the points are equal.

Seven, compound

There are three forms of compound:

(1) Coordination method: Take a hole, I am afraid that the effect is not enough, plus a hole with the same effect. For example: the head item is very painful, take the wind pool, and add the Tianzhu; waist and leg pain, took the ring jump, and added the committee.

(2) Advancement: There are two diseases at the same time. For example, suffering from knee arthritis, as well as indigestion, taking knee and eye to treat arthritis, adding phlegm to treat dyspepsia, and then matching the stomach with acupuncture points Zusanli, have a therapeutic effect on knee joint and stomach disease. The three points can be used at the same time, and both effects can be obtained.

(3) Dichotomy: Treatment of patients with two unrelated diseases at the same time. For example: suffering from facial nerve palsy, and urticaria. Take the cheek car, the land warehouse to treat the sputum, and take the music pool, arm sputum to cure urticaria. Quchi conducts blood, and is also a joint of the large intestine, which passes through the face. The cheek car and the silo are the stomach meridians, and the urticaria is mostly associated with the stomach, so that they cooperate with each other and affect each other. At the same time, the two unrelated diseases are treated, and the acupuncture points make the same and at the same time effective.

Ten doses of acupuncture prescription

First, the supplement can help the weak

For example: Dazhui, Tao Dao yang yang and excites the Du Meridian, making the lumbar spine strong. Moxibustion cream cures the deficiency of lung disease. Regular moxibustion Zusanli promotes the diet with a healthy stomach, strengthens the body, or uses various methods to make the body weaker.

Second, heavy town reversal

The diaphragm is sputum, and the gas is reversed and snoring. Take the Neiguan to cure the chest, add the sputum to the gas (for the “qihui” of the Eight Meeting Point), and then add the sun and the moon to the iliac muscle. Reuse the diarrhea method to stop it

Third, light and can go

For example: liver yang upper sputum, blood pressure rises, the head is dizzy, take the “blood meeting” of the eight points of the sputum, find the acupoints, and bury the inner needles on both sides. After 10 seconds, the blood pressure drops, and it is used repeatedly. Repeatedly. Another example: constipation of constipation, suffering, and burying a needle in the left abdomen, can defecate on the same day. Tsutsumi constipation, also known as “spleen about”, take the hole of the spleen. When constipation, the fecal mass is accumulated in the sigmoid colon, and the abdominal acupoint directly stimulates the sigmoid colon. This is also unsatisfactory, but the effect is poor when buried in the right abdomen.

Fourth, the public can decide

For example: sputum throat, spit out, gas is blocked, difficulty breathing, unbearable stuffy, use your fingers to smash the heavens, lift one by one, several times in a row, and then sputum naturally spit out.痰涎 “Gather in the lungs, about the stomach”, can be acupuncture through the Fenglong point, using the diarrhea method to declare.

Five, through the feasible lag

For example: dysentery and pus and blood, after the rush and heavy (also known as “stagnation”), always like the feces to get out, often go to the toilet, get the legs sore, and get up and want to kneel, the armpits can not line up The pain can not be named, it can be taken from the three-fog through the stone door, with the large intestine through the recruitment of the Tianshu, using the diarrhea method, which can eliminate the accumulation, reduce symptoms, acupuncture several times can be more.

Sixth, can be taken off

For example: prolapse of the anus, long needle strength, two white, moxibustion, will allow the rectal prolapse to shrink in a short time. Baihui and Changqiang are the points on the Du Meridian. The Moxibustion Baihui is “above the disease and take it”. The long needle is the “local acupoint” that stimulates the intestinal wall. The second white is a strange point, which can shrink the end of the large intestine that has been detached.

Uterine prolapse, the needle-dimensional cells can stimulate the uterus contraction, plus Taixi is the original point of the kidney, the kidney is open to the second yin, which has a regulating effect on urine and urine. Or Jia Taichong, the original point of the liver, the liver and vaginal yin, can promote uterine contraction. You can use it to fix it.

Seven, slip can go

For example: a sacral sheath cyst, due to a sprain, a small packet on the wrist, soft, but not displaced. The word “着” is connected with the word “着”, such as “landing”, that is, fixed in one place. The rule of thumb is to press the root of the cyst with the left finger, and the needle is slanted from the four sides with a needle, and the sticky liquid is squeezed with the needle. After a few times, the cyst disappeared.

Hoarding in children is mainly due to malnutrition. The head is thin and thin, the hair is thin and snoring, the belly is big and green, and the skin is thin. Needle four seams can squeeze out white sticky liquid, which can be cured once a week to 3 times

Eight, diarrhea can go to close

For example: stool closure, there is heat due to gastrointestinal tract, due to food stagnation, constipation due to the lack of fluid. “Acupuncture Dacheng” has the following method, the needle Sanyinjiao, with the respiratory diarrhea method, can pass the stool. “Zisheng Jing” ruled that the stool was occluded, the gas knot, the heart was full, and the needle was closed; the urination was closed, the needle was sputum, and the rank side.

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Nine, wet can be dry

Dryness is caused by the outside, the skin is dry and wrinkles are piled up; the hair is born inside, there is no reason to be sad, and the mental disorder is called dirty. The inside consumes the body fluid and makes it dry. Although there is a distinction between wind dryness, fire dryness and hot dryness, the cause is always qi deficiency and blood, and heat is a dry disease. The treatment method is qi and blood, nourishing the body fluid. Taking gas will suffocate in the air, blood will be used to sputum to nourish the blood, mining Taixi to Shengjin. The body fluid is full and the dryness is removed. As for the viscera, it is a rickety disease, taking the points of Neiguan, Shenmen, Juju and so on.

Ten, dry can win wet

“Nei Jing·Medical Machine Nineteen Articles” “All wet and swollen, all belong to the spleen”, there are Zhongman, edema, urinary closure, skin eczema and other symptoms, the source of the disease in the spleen and the stomach in its appearance. Selecting the spleen and stomach, the original points, such as Yinlingquan, Zusanli, Taibai, and the water springs and other points of the kidney, can pass through the active, so that the spleen and stomach are strong, the kidney is sufficient, and the disease is wet.

Dialectical treatment is the basic principle of TCM treatment. From the examination and verification to the legislative prescription, there is a complete set of rules. The rule of medication formula has “seven prescriptions and ten doses”, and the principle of acupuncture is the same, but the name of the medicine is changed to the name of the hole. Treating the disease with acupoints, taking acupuncture points, and having a good footing, the disease can be more and more.