A pure warm

  The Tibetan teachers’ hair is long, the skin is dark and dark, and there seems to be a plateau red on the cheek. His several pronunciations have a very strange accent. At this time, some people came in the box of the tea room. When they saw the teacher full of “Tibetan taste” sitting in the box, everyone would exclaim: “Hey, Teacher Zheng, you have changed!” Someone said that Teacher Zheng If you wear a Tibetan gown, your hair will roll a little, just like the Tibetan singer named Rong Zhonger.

  Sitting in the box is full, everyone unanimously asked Mr. Zheng to tell the story of teaching in Tibet. Teacher Zheng talked about the environment there, the children there, the herdsmen there, and the spring time, there were many beautiful flowers on the prairie like stars… After that, Mr. Zheng told everyone about it. The true story that happened to him.

  ”In the second month of my visit to Tibet, the snow was over, and the children in the class could not come to class. After a few days, everything that can be eaten in the dormitory was finished. Just in the evening when the food was warned, suddenly a Tibetan The woman appeared in front of the dormitory with a big bag. She shouted in blunt Chinese: ‘teacher, teacher!’ Open the door and find that she is the girl who is the closest to the school. The girl is grazing a lot of yaks. Sometimes she met her, she always slowed down and glanced at me. Later, she knew that she had no parents, and she had a younger brother at home. Both of them relied on her to release their livelihood.

  ”There was a child in the class, surprisingly mischievous, and once broke the glass in the classroom. I have to punish him. The child is so angry that he wants to do it with me. The other teachers are not good enough to call his sister. When the child saw her sister, she suddenly became docile and looked down. Her eyes were full of remorse. The child’s sister was the yak girl. After knowing the life of the two brothers and sisters, I will pay special attention to the child, sometimes it will be distributed more. Give him an eraser or a pencil, and put the candy mailed by his family into his pocket. Even though the child’s character is still violent, it has become a friend with me.

  ”The evening of the snow-covered door, I really didn’t know why the girl came to the school. The girl went straight into my dormitory, took out a lot of food, and helped me get angry. I communicated with her in Chinese and thanked her. I said that I would pay for the food I brought. After the girl understood it, she looked very anxious and kept shaking her head. The night was dark and the outside was very snowy. At this time, the girl made a piece for me. Striking things, she got up and sat in the cold bed where I didn’t have a stack, saying, ‘Give you a warm quilt.'”

  Teacher Zheng said here to see everyone, saying: “At the time, I was also embarrassed, standing there and being overwhelmed. The girl slowly took off her coat and entered the bed. I turned my head to one side and did not dare to look at her. Outside The wind and the snow are roaring, but I don’t know because there is a pot fire in the house, or my own chaotic mood, I don’t feel cold anymore. I am embarrassed, embarrassed, warm… all kinds of complicated emotions in the chest when the left and right sides hit, the girl speaks : ‘Teacher, warmed up, you can come in.'”

  Speaking of this, everyone almost held their breath and looked at Teacher Zheng.

  Teacher Zheng said: “Do you know what the girl did after that? She slowly got up and put on her clothes. Then she touched the bed with her hand and said, ‘Warm, teacher, you can sleep. ‘When I finished, she sorted out the things she brought, and slowly walked to the door and gave me a faint smile.”

  ”Assisting in Tibet, I have seen a clean, unpolluted world. Not only did the sky in Tibet be blue, the air in Tibet was pure, and the white glaciers on the mountains were white; the Tibetan girl who met at the same time, It also made me see that there is such a kind of purity and kindness in the human world. From the environment to the soul, I feel that I have been purified…”

  After listening to the story of Teacher Zheng, for a while, no one spoke. It seems that there is a feeling that is moving in everyone’s heart…