A must-read book after getting into trouble.

The book to be recommended today is also the book of life strongly recommended by Haruki Murakami!

Since high school, Haruki Murakami has opened the book whenever he was in trouble. He has read the novel more than ten times and has personally translated and introduced it to Japan.

This book is Raymond Chandler’s Long Farewell.

Murakami said so:

” Chandler is my idol, and I have read” Long Farewell ” more than ten times.”

” The Great Gatsby, brothers karamazov and Long Farewell are the three most important books in my life.”

Murakami is so eager to write a novel close to Long Farewell that there are traces of Long Farewell everywhere in his novel.

It is the same as Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, Kerouac’s On the Road

Tied for the four masterpieces of the golden age of American literature!

At the same time, this is also a novel ” between the lines is manly”, a book with drunk god!

If you like cool men and say cool lines in a cool tone in a cool environment, then ” Long Farewell” must not be missed.

It will definitely dazzle you! Fans! Then addiction!

Everybody loves Raymond!

In fact, not only Murakami, Camus, Mao Mu, Eliot, O ‘Neill, Auden, Qian Zhongshu, paul auster, Margaret Atwood, robert parker …

Many first-line literary masters regard Chandler as their literary idol.

There are two main reasons:

First, Raymond Chandler’s life is too TM’s hard core! It can be called a legend!

He graduated from a top school, worked as a civil servant, and worked in the navy department. But he resigned on the grounds that he was going home to write novels.

He changed countless jobs and joined the Royal Air Force in World War I.

He had an affair with the pianist’s wife, who was 18 years older than himself, and always thought that the other party was only eight years older than him!

And the most legendary, or his hobby for wine.

After all, he once served as deputy general manager of an oil company and was fired for drinking too much.

The second reason is that Raymond Chandler’s novels are indeed impeccable!

Chandler started his career as a detective story writer. Generally detective stories are not accepted by orthodox literary circles.

However, Raymond Chandler has conquered everyone with detective novels, which will go down in the annals of classical literature forever!

He is the first among the best writers in the 150 – year history of detective novels voted by the American Association of Reasoning Writers ( MWA ).

At the same time, his works are included in the authoritative and orthodox ” Library of America”.

Therefore, when it comes to the golden age of postwar American literature, Raymond Chandler’s name will never be forgotten!

It is no exaggeration to say that everyone loves Raymond Chandler!

And this kind of love is all – round! Completely overwhelmed by Chandler’s charm.

Even Margaret Atwood, the queen of Canadian literature and author of The Handmaid’s Story, openly declared in her book: ” What a pleasure it would be to have an affair with Raymond Chandler!”

To say goodbye is to die a little!

The Long Farewell is Chandler’s undisputed masterpiece and his most proud work.

Haruki Murakami said: ” There is no doubt that Long Farewell is a perfect masterpiece and extremely outstanding. If I were allowed to use hyperbole, it would almost be a dream. ”

What kind of book is Long Farewell?

In the words of readers, it is just one word – cool!

Change to five words – cool to the bone!

The feeling of reading is probably like this –

Imagine that in Wong Kar – wai’s movie, a man with messy clothes and a grim expression walks into a bar in the western United States, orders a favorite cocktail and drinks quietly under the background of jazz …

This is probably how it is multiplied by 10 times the cool!

Lonely and unruly tough guy detective Marlowe meets mysterious and elegant drunkard Lennox in a bar.

A glass of wine, a promise, a friendship between men, a huge bill, a dream, a series of murders, a long farewell …

The core of the whole book lies in Marlowe, the hero.

Marlowe is the common hero in a series of Chandler’s novels, and is rated as ” the most attractive male character in literary history” and recognized as ” the originator of tough guys”.

After Marlowe’s appearance, all the tough guy images in literature and movies have his shadow.

All over his body, he was burned with cigarette butts. He always had a hangover and was full of witticisms. He looked indestructible on the outside, but in fact, he was utterly soft inside.

Facing the evil and dirty world, he never gave up his insistence on justice.

” Tough guy” Marlowe is more like a knight, poet and philosopher in a modern city.

Someone once asked Marlowe, ” How can a man as cold as you be so gentle?”

Marlowe said: ” If I am not cold, I cannot live. If I am not gentle, I am not worthy to live. ”

Tut tut, this is so cool.

And if it is so cool, it can be seen everywhere in the whole book!

” A man must get drunk at least twice a year. This is a principle.”

” That is a blonde. A blonde enough for the bishop to kick a hole in the stained glass window. ”

And the most famous one –

” to say goodbye is to die a little.”

No wonder even female fans dream of being a man like Marlowe!

Read ” Long Farewell” and get drunk!

Reading Long Farewell is a very strange experience.

Just like the cocktail mentioned repeatedly in the book – screwdriver.

It is rich, profound, sharp and sad, and is worth commenting on again and again.

In short, you will be drunk!

However, there are already more than a dozen different versions of Long Farewell in China.

The version recommended today is not only a painstaking translation by Yao Xianghui, the translator of The Godfather, which accurately shows the ” tough guy” style of writing, but also contains rich illustrations and gifts –

He also made ” Marlowe’s Map of Los Angeles” with a panoramic view of Chandler’s Sin City –

This is a collection handbook for Chandler fans to show you all aspects of Chandler –

Some people say that the serious consequence of reading Chandler’s ” Long Farewell” is that he will lose patience with the boring dialogue for a long time, and he would like to have a drink very much.

Turn over ” Long Farewell” to show you the highest realm that words can reach.