A mother’s heart

  Moline McGee is an American mother. She watched her son marry the bride, daughter married a woman, and rejoiced in the happiness of her children. But some words are in her heart, I am embarrassed to say something to my daughter-in-law and son-in-law.

  My mother-in-law didn’t want to say something to her daughter-in-law.

  I have been the master of the house for so many years, so once I changed my role, I was a little uncomfortable and very hurt.

  I know that he is your husband, but he is still my son.

  You don’t seem to be confident enough. My little complaints are regarded as criticism by you, so I am with you, I have to pay attention.

  Every time I buy you a gift, you forgot to call and say thank you. I really didn’t want to buy this year, but I couldn’t help but order one. Maybe this is the mentality of being a mother-in-law.

  As a mother, when I say “I hope you are happy” to you, it is really sincere. But there is another sentence I didn’t say in my heart – “I also look forward to happiness.”

  I have moved several times in my life and bought and sold houses. Why don’t you listen to my advice in this regard?

  When I went to visit you, I didn’t do a review, I just wanted to enjoy my family.

  Why do you always give him the microphone? If I want to talk to my son, I won’t call home. I will call him directly.

  On Mother’s Day, you can let my son, your husband come to see me, I am really happy. thank you.

  My love can’t be compared to your mother’s love. She buys you a lot of valuable gifts and takes you on vacation. And all I can do is help you see the kids. I hope this is enough, and you can be grateful to me.

  My mother-in-law doesn’t want to say something to her son-in-law.

  I have never seen my daughter so happy, thank you. If I didn’t say thank you to you, then I can’t put it down.

  You can call me “mother”. But if you call it, I will be very happy.

  I am grateful to my daughter for having someone to take care of her.

  I am very anxious to know, when do you want children?

  Even if our relationship is not very good, seeing my daughter so happy, I am still very happy inside.

  I realized that I have less and less time to live on Earth. I want to live a little more positively. Don’t be upset with your parents.

  Although my idea is not necessarily the best, I have been honed for decades, so please share my experience.

  I want to buy gifts for my children from time to time. But you always say that I love children, which makes me sad.

  The last time I went to your home, you didn’t talk to me very much. I was confused.

  What I want can’t be wrapped in a box, nor can I buy it online – what I want most is love.

  Our relationship is good, and it is directly proportional to the number of times I go to your home to see children.

  I am eager to be feeling the way I need it. I need a sense of value.

  When I call you at 8 am on Saturday, I hope that when you hand the phone to my daughter, don’t mutter: “Annoying! Calling so early!”