A lunch reflects the class of solidification

Two examples of my impressions made me clearly feel the class cure in China.

Our national museum is usually required by the higher authorities, responsible for the middle school students in Beijing class history class, so all the secondary schools in Beijing, our instructors have come into contact with. On one occasion, a middle school in the eastern suburbs of Beijing came to class because they were very far away from the urban area, so it was an hour later than the scheduled time. But after the late school went to the museum, the first request from the teacher was To return to school one hour in advance. In this way, the school’s real study tour time is less than 20 minutes, the normal school visit time should be 2 hours and 20 minutes.

I was surprised, asked the teacher: “Why are you so anxious to go back?”

The school teacher said a very strong reason for Niubi.

He said: “The school has set a nutrition meal, delivery company if more time is to pay more, we must have to go back to eat nutrition meals.”

This moment let me deeply understand what is called “value orientation.”

In the “eat nutritious meal on time” and “to the National Museum on the special lesson” between the school that the former than the latter more valuable.

What is the impression that this value-oriented school leaves me? The students in this school are so bad in their basics and their ability to say that some of our colleagues have come back to the office to complain that the performance of the school’s second-year students is almost as poor as normal teaching.

In sharp contrast with Beijing is a well-known primary school near the East Fourth, the school has also organized primary school students to Bo. Their curriculum is not a higher level requirements, purely school voluntary, that is to expand the students’ vision and knowledge.

What is the level of primary school students in this school?

I asked these students to ask them a question: “Children, after the Northern Song Dynasty is the dynasty?” I want to guide them to the Southern Song Dynasty, and then lead to the story of Yue Fei anti-gold.

The result is a child said: “false Chu.”


This was the time when the Jurchen was a puppet regime after the Northern Song Dynasty, because the duration was too short and there was no legitimacy, so there was little sense in history. Unless it is to pull this history, or simply do not know this regime.

At that time I was the forehead sweating, but strong smile said: “ah, then you talk about why is false Chu?

The children said: “Because Zhang Bangchang ascended the throne in March, Zhao Zheng ascended the throne in May ~”

Listen to this remark, my forehead rushing sweating, rushing to sweating, bared teeth, said: “You are awesome.

That day the key primary school children (fifth grade) left me with a very deep impression, their knowledge, vision, ability to express a comprehensive roll before the middle school students.

There is also a detail to form a more dramatic contrast. At that time I saw the time, has been faster than the meal, and said: “students, faster than dinner, and we go to the restaurant to eat it? (Guobao internal restaurant) do not go, the restaurant closed to eat lunch.

That led the teacher back to ask the children: “Do you go to eat or continue to class?

All the children without exception, shouting: “continue to class!

Led the teacher looked back at me and said angrily: “teacher, I’m sorry, the children in the afternoon and evening there are other courses, fear is too late to eat lunch, and can not trouble you continue to classmates on the class you Like to eat what? I went to help you buy the rice. Delay you to eat, it is sorry, we can come to a country Bo, it is not easy, you forgive us.

I have heard these words, not only do not feel hungry and hard, but much moved and encouraged. Very happy for the students finished the rest of the course, the whole process, those fifth grade children and I interact very well, what class discipline and the like things I simply do not bother. The quality of those children is simply no edge.

I said this key primary school, if the name to the Beijing people do not know.

The school students in the family is excellent, parents are mostly social elite, scholar celebrities, government officials, diplomatic envoys, corporate executives.

Hundreds of elite families send their children to the school, and the children who carry the temperament, resources and values ​​of each family are forming new resonance in this school.

The superior family environment makes them not so cramped to the front, but to focus on the more long-term accumulation and precipitation, made in the larger time scale on the right choice.

If you only take an elite family of students and ordinary family students to do the contrast, then may be biased, but if the two school students together, then the kind of large amount of data reflects the tendency of the senses Obvious.

I am not afraid of people annoying, saying that the special vulgar chicken soup, the general family of children if the class can be achieved in the comeback, it is considered a man in the dragon and phoenix, and the elite family home of the children, they just do not mess up They have been in the upper, but they not only did not mess up, but also often do better.

The concerted efforts of these elite families of children in the beginning of life has been showing the extraordinary advantages, then over time, their relative to the average family of children’s advantage is to expand or will shrink it?

Will this class of society be further cured?

I am afraid that we each have to ask ourselves the question.