A head of white hair

Wen Hui went to the United States to be a mistress for two years, and finally returned home with her husband and her youngest son, who had just turned one year old. However, before she recovered from the joy of reunion, she was shocked and speechless by her daughter who had returned from school.

My daughter’s gift to her parents is a new image of her: her ears are pierced with eight ear holes, three on the left and five on the right, full of strange earrings. What is even more striking is that her hair has been dyed into a strange silvery white. No, it is not just pure silvery white, but silvery white mixed with silvery ash and gray, which makes Wu Zixu feel white all night.

Before Wen Hui could speak, his daughter beat him to the punch and Kan Kan said, ” Don’t lecture me. I didn’t get any stimulation. I didn’t fall in love early and didn’t mean to annoy you. I just want to try what it feels like to be free before my 17th birthday. What are the tube now, not to dye hair, not to take off school pants to wear black stockings … I also partial to do so, what? Even if I have white hair, am I still the same? ” The daughter’s face was covered with contempt for the rules and regulations.

Wen Hui thought for a long time and tried to calm down his voice and said, ” You are no longer the original you. You have become a sister. I guess, this new role makes you very uncomfortable? ”

My daughter’s eyebrows jumped like she was stabbed with a needle, then she regained her careless expression: ” Whatever you think, I’ve already dyed’ milk dust’, so don’t use your head to persuade me to dye my black hair back. Don’t waste your time.”

Wen Hui was secretly glad that she had enrolled her daughter in an international high school two years ago, but she was not sure that her class leader, the strict old English man, would laugh at this silver hair. Sure enough, the English teacher’s QQ video came on Monday. He reported as follows: ” Your daughter said that dyeing hair is a unique gift for you after two years of separation between mother and daughter … I am convinced by this original idea, so I suggest your daughter give a class speech next week on the topic of” separation makes me grow up “. What do you think?”

Wen Hui’s nervous expression relaxed immediately. The Englishman blinked his gray-green eyes at the end of the video: ” Ms. Wen, we have an old saying in England that’ there is a kind of gentle company, that is, when a child does something out of line during puberty, don’t do anything.” Children need to wait for awakening and self-management. Despite this wait, it is a torment for us. ”

Yes, Wen Hui has to wait.

The daughter flashed a banner of challenge with her white hair and challenged her parents who had neglected her for two years. She thought she would be strongly counterattacked. However, she did not expect that the class leader and her mother both spared her. She was like Don Quixote who fought against the windmill, a little boring and a little humiliating.

And Wen Hui, she watched her daughter’s white hair gave birth to black hair, lining the daughter like a person recovering from a serious illness, but can’t command her to dye black hair back. Every time she couldn’t hold on to it, she silently recited the words of the Englishman: ” there is a kind of gentle company, that is, don’t do anything.”

Finally one day, her daughter announced that she was going to dye her black hair.

Wen Hui was surprised, and her daughter said what had happened to her: the students of the International High School took on the task of helping and educating an orphan in the community. Now, the task is handed down from hand to hand to her daughter’s team. When her daughter and her companions went to the English class for the child, the old grandmother of the child watched her anxiously.

After parting, the old man stopped Wen Hui’s daughter alone. She pulled out a bag of things from the bedside table quivering. It was not in the bag of the white-haired girl student. The old man also said, ” Don’t put anything on your mind. You see, grandma has only her little grandson to live with in her life, and her hair is not as white as your sorrow. ”

That night, Wen Hui’s daughter took out the gift from the orphan’s grandmother from her schoolbag. She couldn’t help being sore-eyed: it was half a bag of black sesame paste, and it was said by folk that it was a sweet substance that could turn white hair into black.