90 minutes town mayor

  Recently, I lived in a relative’s home in Darwell, New Jersey, USA. Dawei has more than 2,000 residents, one villa, and the distance between the villas is about 1000 meters. In front of each door is an evergreen lawn surrounded by virgin forests. The spotless asphalt road runs through various households.
  The town center passes through two roads from east to west and north and south. Relatives home in the northwest corner of the road junction, Lunan is a bar, the southeast corner is a flower shop, Ma Ludong is a small second floor, the Dawei town office is located here. The home of the relatives was a three-story European-style building built by Jews a hundred years ago. The relatives bought it for $300,000 15 years ago. Because relatives and the Jews had a very good relationship, 300,000 was the lowest price at the time. This makes the local Americans very jealous. Relatives live on the third floor, rent on the second floor, and open a Chinese-Western fast food restaurant on the first floor. A Chinese dumpling for $1.2 is in short supply.

  I lived in a relative’s house for a few days, and I was surprised to find that the office building in Dawei Town was closed from morning to night, and there was no light at night. At first, I thought that the US economy was in a downturn, and even the town government of Dawei was closed down! Relatives told me that there is only one mayor and one secretary in Dawei town. They are also part-time volunteers. They are enthusiastic about serving the residents of the town, but they don’t get a salary. Relatives said that the mayor and secretary of Dawei town work very leisurely, and they only have their official working hours every Saturday from 7:00 to 8:30. Something is done quickly, nothing to open the doors and windows to ventilate, leave people. Because they really don’t have much to do.
  I have been a journalist before I retire, so I immediately wanted to interview the mayor who only took 90 minutes a week. The mayor readily agreed to my interview request.
  The mayor called Muir, 57 years old, tall and burly, with a beard. Muir operates a small farm and also manages a racecourse. He said that everyone elected him as the mayor, respect and trust for him, and also a hobby of his own. When the mayor and the manager of the farm and the management of the racecourse are two different things, this will further reflect his personal value and enrich his life experience. He said that his mayor, like most townships and mayors in the United States, was elected by the local ordinary people. He only served the local people and was not responsible for the higher level government departments. Even if the president and governor come to visit the local area and you examine you, my mayor can ignore it.

  There are nearly 50 kilometers of asphalt roads in Dawei Town. There is no traffic police. Everyone who drives is conscious of obeying traffic rules. Without a cleaner, adults and children are not free to throw things, always keep the road clean and wash. Since 2009, there has not been a high-level traffic accident in the whole town, but more than 1,300 wild animals have been killed, which has caused great dissatisfaction with the folk wildlife protection organizations. Muir said that this is the key issue that Daweier needs to solve in 2010. In addition, since 2009, there has been no domestic violence in the town. There are 49 couples married, but 57 couples are peacefully divorced.

  In peacetime, the key tasks in the town are road repair, river bed greening and virgin forest and wildlife protection. All of this is handled by the network. However, on the evening of my interview, the Mayor of Muir handled a job at hand: a transfer of the estate for an 89-year-old lonely wife. She volunteered her own 61-hectare private racecourse to Dawell Town as a place for free mass-marketing. The only requirement of the old man was to set up a small tablet at the entrance of the racecourse and engrave her name to mark the memorial. Jie Seoul to meet her request.
  20:30, the mayor is time to work, I interview also ended. When closed, the secretary posted a notice at the entrance of the town office bulletin boards, read: “! After 12 hours have elapsed local cold, please keep warm.”