2016.5.12 Today focus

1.China Everbright Bank believes that the capitalization on the trend and the dynamic regulation will become the main tone of the monetary policy this year. Under the current circumstances, the space of further easing the monetary policy is not large for the short term. What will be the future policy orientation of THE PEOPLE’S BANK OF CHINA still needs the sustained focus on the economic growth, inflation expectations and the trend of the dollar.

2.Economic Information Daily news, the data shows that the huge amount of reimbursement tide of the bond market will be ushered in May, and the total repayment will reach 1.67 trillion yuan. Both the amount and the scale are over 2 times than that of the same period last year. Haitong Securities said that with the advancement of the de-capacity and the substantial expiration of the low-rated bonds, there will be more default events emerging, and the default will be normalized.

3.National Development and Reform Commission carries out the work on revising the “competitive industries catalogue of the foreign investment in the central and western areas (2013 Amendment)”, which is to guide foreign capital to investing more in the central and western areas, and strictly restrict the projects that are not qualified with environmental requirements and serious overcapacity from transferring to the central and western regions.

4.Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China has recently issued the “notice on the release of the “2016 national land utilization plan”, which is to clarify on the strengthening and improving of the management of land planning. Starting from this year, the land planning will be controlled by the master plan of the land utilization; implementing the 3-year rolling establishment, and will be issued yearly. For provinces, districts and cities, the equivalent area of the unfinished disposal idle land in 2015 will be deducted in the plan of 2016.

5.National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China said it will continuously deepen the reform of the medical and health system; vigorously promote the construction of a healthy China and healthy aging population ; establish and implement the planning outline of the development of the nursing career during the period of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”; accelerate the combined development between the health service industry and the medical care for the elderly.

6.National Development and Reform Commission said the public entrepreneurship and the multitude innovation continuously show a good development momentum, and become an important link for promoting the connection and the conversion for the old and the new development of the kinetic energy as well as radiating the new economic vitality during the period of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” in every locality. In the first quarter, the stock of the investable capital in our country’s venture capital industry increased by 18.4%, and the total scale was over 400 billion yuan.

7.21st Century Economic Report messages, after experiencing the one-month supply blank of the homestead, Shanghai ushered in an auction of three homesteads and one commercial land on May 11th. The first auctioned block area was 36-03, Unit 16, South Bridge Newtown, Fengxian District, and there was fierce competition among 24 real estate enterprises. In the end, XIANGYU REAL ESTATE won the land with the total price of 2.15 billion, as high as 126.25% of the premium rate, and the floor price was about 22,625 yuan per square meter.

8.National Development and Reform Commission, and Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China jointly issued the “three-year action plan of major construction projects of the transport infrastructure”. From 2016 to 2018, it is proposed to focus on promoting 303 items, which include railways, highways, waterways, airports and urban rail transit projects, and the total investment of the involved projects is about 4.7 trillion yuan.

9.Shanghai Securities News messages, in the context of a joint specification on the development of bill business by the regulators, the trading in the recent bill market is moderate, and the involved parties are still seeking a balance and a key point among the regulatory policies, the internal risk control, and the business development. A transformation for the structure of the bank bill business is taking place, and the purchase and resale of the bill business is under a shrinkage; the bill asset-management business is under a new starting point of the regulated development, or will become the mainstream mode.

10.China Business News messages, the application and transaction of the Shanghai New Energy free license, which have been suspended for nearly half a year due to the policy adjustment, are finally being restarted after May. However, people who have ordered cars before cannot all pass the qualification examination or obtain licenses. For example, the owner’s credit and social security need to be audited, and it also requires holding a valid residence permit in Shanghai. Meanwhile, it needs to meet the requirement of paying the social security for a consecutive year or more in Shanghai within the last two years.

11.Labour Daily news, May 10th is the first day for the public offering of the third batch of the savings bonds this year. Although the annual yield of the national debt in this round fell 0.1 percentage point, and the quota of a total of 30 billion national debt was still quickly looted by citizens within “seconds”. In Shanghai, there were banks only open for four minutes in which two people successfully made purchases, and the rest was completely sold out.

12.China Securities Network news, learned from the recently held 5th CAST (China Academy of Space Technology) Space Technology Forum, China will build and form three systems: the satellite remote sensing, satellite communications and broadcasting, satellite navigation and positioning system during the period of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”; basically complete the national civil space infrastructure system and provide continuous and stable business services.

13.Goldman Sachs believes that the current rise in oil prices is mainly boosted by the production disruption in Canada and Nigeria, while the stimulatory effect of such factors will be temporary. The oil market needs a persistent and stable factor so as to help itself to achieve the rebalance. It is expected that the oil prices are possible to gradually restore the balance by the end of the third quarter. Meanwhile, the US oil production may drop significantly, which may result in the oil market entering into the status of a longer-term short supply.