20 years old can not lie to make money, 40 years old you will be out

Confucius said that life, such as flying the train, forty years old waiting for the train as a platform, the train came to an end, just as my 40-year-old birthday from the distant place came, quietly, floating to the sky.

This is of course my book, Confucius said is “forty confused.”

Gao Xiaosong teacher explained “forty confused”:

Not to the age of forty old feel

Forty is not the meaning of that is to say

You all understand what you understand

And then to forty years old to find

The meaning of that is to say

You do not want to understand the things you do not understand

When you are young, everything you want to understand

Everybody has to think about him

Everything you want to understand it

In the end is how the matter children

Even this society this time

You are particularly want to understand

But you can not understand it

You even your own favorite people sitting opposite

You may not all understand

But when young people want to understand

Because the old feel

There are some things do not understand is the life of panic

Later, the old was discovered only

That panic is youth

You do not panic the youth gone

But I miss the struggles of that time

Gao Xiaosong teacher is worthy of saying that “life is more than the front of the eyes, there are poems and distant” characters, his forty years old is not panic. For Confucius, his forty-year-old is forty years old, but we have to understand that the old Confucius and then the descendants of the Luguo nobility, educator, Gao Xiaosong teacher is also an academic family of children, musicians, well-known culture People, so they are forty years old, should be confused, should not panic. In the words of the present, they are all those who achieve financial freedom, but for the majority of mortals, forty years old, may be the beginning of a nightmare.

In the Internet and technology circles, there is an article on the fire.

I graduated from 2001 undergraduate, working one or two years of graduate students, and then to a well-known communications company in Shenzhen, to now nearly ten years. Wife and I are rural origin, no money at home support, 2010 hard to save some money in Sakata bought a set of second – hand housing, was about 1.2 million, 6,000 yuan per month mortgage. 11 years gave birth to a son.

16 years of policy liberalization, in response to national calls, and gave birth to a daughter, because I often travel, still in foreign research institutes have been a year or two, parents and children at home no one to take care of his wife had to resign to take care of the family.

15 at the end of Shenzhen housing prices rose, the hands of just a few hundred thousand dollars balance, consider the child to go to school later, we also believe that the price of the state holding, will only rise will not fall, but also bought a set of five or six square meters Degree room, the total price of more than 300 million.

Down payment is not enough, the first suite to find someone to get 70 million mortgage, together to pay the down payment, loans 2.6 million, for the mortgage of 170,000 yuan for a month to seven or eight thousand.

The whole family on my own money, get the hand of the wages of more than twenty thousand, not including bonuses and dividends, because the two sets of mortgages plus mortgages on the thirty thousand, and bonuses used to subsidize the family, the day was too tight. But think of their own two suites in Shenzhen, and my heart will comfort a lot. Most of the dividends are used to buy stocks, and now hold tens of tens of thousands of shares.

Some time ago the company to arrange to go abroad, then consider the family conditions can not go, then HR would like to talk to me hope to take the initiative to look at the way now look is also very difficult, the company always have reason to let you leave, do not make a C out on the end.

And its trouble to leave to leave, it is better to comfortably good together scattered, and so far did not find who clamor is not left. In fact, my performance is also good, but also had many times A, because I know that the children out of rural areas, do not work on the way, I can go to today, the company gave us the opportunity to create.

Recently also voted on the online resume, we are three decades old, generally do not go out of executives, companies do not, interview opportunities are few, a small number of small companies interviewed, the basic monthly salary is less than twenty thousand before tax After the mortgage is not enough, and some also look down on me.

We are in the big company, self-feeling level is good, vision, but and people a communication, obviously very different, people of our small age, even if not executives, basic products from the past to understand everything, hardware and software, Structure Han can do, we can only do their own good for a really let us make a lot of products need to help configuration, small companies can not afford our complex play.

At present, we can only sell the degree room, but now more troublesome thing, and now Shenzhen second – hand housing transactions are very sluggish, degree room is not easy to sell, anxious to sell, then 3.5 million may only sell 3 million, It’s just gone.

And finally more than ten million shares to leave hundreds of thousands of turnover, turnover compensation has been honored in the previous year. These hundreds of thousands can only Minato live a mortgage mortgage.

Even if the degree of 3 million to sell, fortunately to find a pre-tax twenty thousand after tax more than ten thousand jobs, leaving 6000 mortgages, plus two children go to school, keep their families, completely make ends meet, not to mention the pre-tax twenty thousand jobs Not easy to find. Now come home from work every day to see the child and his wife feel guilty, the night was also sleepless nights.

Today, this situation does not blame the company, ten years in the company’s income has been beyond the average level of the community a lot of business cost pressure is also great. We are born in rural areas, can have children in Shenzhen have a good home, of course, there is a mark 307.

Over the years, I have always spur their own, never slack, overtime to work overtime, can go early to go, leadership a little dissatisfied with the tension for many days, for fear of losing their jobs, but in the end still had to leave, make ends meet.

Where is the problem? I do not work hard, is the enterprise to my treatment is not good, or house prices bring too high cost of living?

This is also a forty-year-old man’s confession, his forty years old only loss of loss. Some people blame his mistake on high prices, should not buy a degree room, some people blame his mistake on the company’s thin, and some people say that he is warm water in the frog, suffering from “big company disease”, large companies People are usually thinking rigid.

This person is a well-known company naturally harsh grace, this time because of cleaning up the 34-year-old employee event was a hubbub. But put aside personal feelings, middle-aged crisis is a social phenomenon, the United States in 2016 laid off nearly 80% of employees over 40 years old, more than 40 years old was cut the probability of employees under the age of 40 2.5 times.

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2015 to do a survey, the last 15 years, Japan 35 years old to 54 years old middle-aged unemployed people surged 2.5 times, has reached 273 million people. Japan now has a social security annual fee of 14 trillion yen each year, while Japan to eat low-income people reached 2.16 million passengers, the 273 million middle-aged unemployed.

For a country that has a career in Japan, once it is unemployed, it can no longer be hired. If they change a little bit, they will enter the ranks of subsistence allowances, or accurately speaking, the number of middle-aged unemployed in Japan has been more than the number of subsistence allowances, will become an increasingly heavy burden of Japanese society.

I am a classmate, in the 34-year-old age, re-admitted to the institution, he was a well-known foreign employees, graduation when signed a person’s envy of the work, work a few years down, soon encountered workplace ceiling , Young people like a wolf like a tiger, pressing harder, he used to learn, and the programmer, are shaped by large companies, very professional, but also very narrow.

Thought to enter the state-owned enterprises, but the state-owned enterprises are early as a radish a pit, into the school after the younger brother who are her leadership, into the private enterprises, small private enterprises simply can not afford such a great God, Into the public office. But for the people of this age, admitted to the public office, the basic is equal to eat and die, there is no hope of any promotion.

This is a typical middle-aged crisis case, the workplace is a pyramid structure, due to the existence of the workplace ceiling, to be able to enter the upper layer of the pyramid is always a minority. For most of the pyramid in the next step of the workplace, when you gradually grow old, began to have a family burden, began to have the needs of treatment, and because of qualifications, the right to speak there are some, but the new is passionate, A little bit of sweetness can be met, the superiors are from, then with who is self-evident, the company is paying attention to the interests of anyone know how to choose.

So for the forty-year-old, the company abandoned, and even unemployed, is a normal, especially in the economic downturn in China.

The world is so cruel, anybody may be unemployed at any time.

For such a 40-year-old or older middle-aged workplace, their life is not confused, not panic. I have a summary: forty years old is the soldiers to block the water cover, you do not know what you met, you can only come to a destroy one, first hit the ball in front of, and then lay a ball.

So how to crack this dead end?

Why worry, only riches, and ultimately all the problems can only rely on money to solve.

Teach you to make long-term plans for chicken soup to teach you to tell you what to do slash youth, but i want to say slash youth these are silly keywords. I had been invited to join a slash of youth at what party, but I cried, I told them that I was not a slash youth, I was a slash old age.

In fact, I want to say to them that you are not called slash youth, that tm called part-time, part-time essence is more than a sale of physical labor, and can not improve your ability to hedge.

My favorite one of the popular martial arts movie “Jian Yu”, inside the killer leader headwire king on another top assassination master color show division with a string of words:

You want to change the trick when the trick, to practice martial arts when practicing martial arts, you always mix together, can live to the present, really a miracle.

Color show division with a total of the tricks and martial arts combined with the results of both the same level of reach the highest level, the king of the wheel was killed by a move.

This sentence should let all the slash young people listen.

Some people will say, Huo classic bias, why slash young people earn money not? The money here does not mean simply money, but your income. Income is divided into two kinds, one active income, one is passive income.

To crack down on the death of the middle-aged crisis, can only improve the passive income, improve the active income is useless. Why the slash youth is useless, because the slash young people actually make money or active income of a kind, you also need to continue to invest in energy to maintain it, multiple occupations and no use, so it can only be kind of loose. With the same rope, or was a sword stabbed life.

Passive income is to let you lie and make money, so we should call it “income after bed”. That is, when you are sleeping, still make money for you.

How to improve passive income? The best way is to buy a house, the property is the best passive income channel. However, unfortunately, because of China’s high prices, this threshold for most Chinese people have been closed.

There are other ways to invest in stocks, bank interest, but we all know that China’s stock market is already cutting the chives of the vegetable, the interest is minimal

It seems that the channels of passive income are blocked, there is a passive income, although not for people’s attention, but very suitable for the current situation in China, that is, creative income.

Now is the era of knowledge economy, knowledge has become a hot spot in the Internet. Improve their creative ability, is the best means of cash. Gao Xiaosong was able to talk to you, not because he would only say that these delicious chicken soup, it is because the dead fat has enviable creative ability, whether it is music production or television production, he is a leader, these works can When he was asleep, he continued to make income for him.

In our human ability, the highest ability is the creative ability, and creative ability, is a scarcity of skills, any field of creative works, will get this society high reward, the most important thing, this is a real The ability to continue to generate your income when you sleep.

So I suggest you, if you want to avoid the 40-year-old crisis, from now on, improve your creative ability, whether it is any field.

This is what I am doing.