20-year-old “let it go”

  In November of another year, the 20-year-old “comes with nature” arrived as scheduled, and remitted a total of 990,000 yuan to the Ningbo Charity Federation twice in two days.
  On December 6, 1999, “Following Nature” was born. He remitted 50,000 yuan from the post office to the Ningbo Charity Federation, and paid “Following Nature”. In the Spring Festival of 2000, the Ningbo Charity Federation used this money to send warmth to the destitute families. On December 5, 2000, the 2-year-old “Send Naturally” remitted 200,000 yuan from the post office to the Ningbo Charity Federation, and the payment was still “Suitable Naturally”. In the second year, this sum was exchanged for a “Benevolent Teaching Building” in Hengkantou Village, Lianglong Town, Yuyao City. 3 years old, 4 years old and 5 years old, the “spontaneous” remittance always warms the Ningbo Charity Federation, and the Ningbo Charity Federation also consistently records the funding status of each sum. From the age of 6, “Shun Qi Natural” chooses a combination of words from 4 characters of his name and signs the remittance. At the beginning of December, the amount of remittances is getting larger and larger. In 2018, “Let it go” was 20 years old, and its total charitable donations reached 10.54 million yuan.
  Remittance is to leave the address and name of the sender. In order to not expose yourself, “Follow the flow of nature” will fictionalize an address and a name every year. However, the post office has a requirement that those who have remitted 10,000 yuan must use their real names, and “simply let it go” will be split into zeros and remitted in a lump sum. For example, the total amount of the first remittance in late November 2018 was 500,000 yuan, and “sponsored by nature” filled out 51 remittance slips, including 50 for 9999 yuan and one for 50 yuan.
  ”Now letting nature” remit 20 million donations for 20 years, but never leave the real name, and also deliberately virtualized the address and name to avoid the real body, which made many donated children have many beautiful imaginations. A poor student who is funded by him to complete a brain tumor operation will draw a picture for “Shun Ji Nature” every year. In her painting, “Shun Qi Nature” is a guardian angel with wings; The donated little boy wrote in the composition: “‘Let’s go with it’ must be an aunt who looks like a fairy, with long hair and waist, fluttering skirt, and exudes a charming fragrance.”
  But in the adult world, there have been more curious speculations over the years, in addition to the respect and praise for “going with nature”. Some people think that he is a local entrepreneur, some people think that he is not a person, but a spontaneously formed love organization, some people think that he is a love relay between strangers, and some people say, do n’t guess, network transfer is popular in today At the moment, “going its course” has always maintained the habit of sending money to the post office, that is, it is deliberately not wanting to leave its true contact information. However, it is not so difficult to see Lushan Zhenyan who “goes with nature”. It is true that a reporter once tracked and captured the “spontaneous nature”, which is not difficult to stay on, because the “spontaneous nature” annual remittance time is very regular. However, this reporter did not release any relevant information. He said: “Since the people who do good work have always insisted on not showing up and leaving their names, just want to donate kindness and love, then respect him. Respect is the most noble to those who do good. Tribute. “Sky Eye and Surveillance did not lift that mysterious hijab, because they did not want to desecrate this kindness.
  Doing good without asking for return, insisting on anonymous donations, this is the principle of “going its course” for many years. One year, after donating “let it go”, Ningbo Charity Federation received a letter that said “don’t do bad things, don’t say good things, let it happen”. This is probably the idea of ​​”going with nature” to express: Charity should be pure, without additional performance and hype.
  At the age of 20, “let it go” is now coming again, the philosophy is still the same: do good, but not to say, let it go.